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You're still shivering under the covers. When you hear the phone ring downstairs in your basement when you have your combination office in research laboratory you dash down to the lab and answer it. I need i need a week. Voice says when you pick up the receiver. I need your help. You hear a loud click and the phone goes dead but you were prepared while i wonder if he learned that in correspondence school to be prepared. Exactly what you know he did. We're a big believer of correspondence courses here on covert nerd and we're not gonna be turned around otherwise if i can't learn it in the mail i'm not interested exactly while the caller was talking. You activated your high-speed telephone tracing device high tech for this guy. Is it a high speed tracing device. No sir it's a low speed tracing device skip that trash out of my think. I don't want that stuff. Get it out of here. It instantly displays the caller number. Five five five seven two five nine always go with by five five eddie. Always try calling that number kids it five five five five five seventy five hundred. Yeah jesse you call that real quick five five seven two five nine. Who am i dick tracy. Yes you are All right you call back the number right away but there's no answer after consulting the tall stack of reverse phone books.

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