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Ended up being in that match. Three two one goes on and wins the battle in sydney in that way class And i retired. I decided it was time to hang up the wrestling boots and go back and just focus on anime and and really devote all my time to emma may instead of juggling both balls juggling stir wrestling and the fighting You spend a bunch of time in japan with rings. What was the difference between what was on in american. Mma japanese emma man. Well there's a very close parallel between pro wrestling and mma in the japanese market. You had guys like inoki who came from that pressing background. The shoot though guys They were developing the and they were using a ring instead of a cage Back dan pancreas. You could do rope escapes. you can punch kick sometimes. It was open hand shoe dole out of the rules. Were open palm strikes Instead of close this on the ground when you were standing you usually And punchy kick Just different rules of engagement and had kind of a different form of the same sport but it was a little more akin to pro wrestling. They liked ill the costumes they liked they would put on some works they would do. A worked shoot. Randy was apart work. Part shooter was for some or exci- sauce of bites. That i would swear works. Obviously that was common knowledge. But but you know again. I think that was a little more acceptable in the japanese market. That was not a fly in the. Us market if they smell the worker they bought guys weren't biting. The service should be fighting. They would say oh. This is a work. It's not a real fight and they would get disgusted. They they were irritated with that whole thing so there was definitely a difference between the japanese market. What was going on there. What was going on in the us so you take a break from him and made to focus again on your amateur wrestling career. Why did you think he needed to make that move in two thousand two to maybe go back into that. It's just the goal that i hadn't achieved. I sat out being a lithium in to win a medal at the olympics. I was getting up there in age. guys young guys like garrett lowney where we're coming onto the scene dude berbera well both nationally and internationally At some point push comes to shove you gotta you gotta make a decision that was going to be my last opportunity. My last quadrennium if you will to chase finally achieving making that olympic teams as standing on that podium which is a big deal Incurred can attest to that. Would a big part of his life that was and it was a big part of my life to is just one of those goals. I never accomplished able to put closure to that because i did win the gold. Madeline what i set out to do. So i completely understand rainy. I would've done the same thing jew. And i'm not saying i. I would have accomplished everything you accomplished. But i would probably done the same thing as you out to continue to keep trying. Yeah i just one of those things you just can't let go of certainly not easily you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks and few becomes a few too many as evening comes to an end when people start to head out you think of calling for a ride. You live nearby. You can make it home. Okay it's no big deal. What are the odds. you'll get pulled over anyway. And even so what's the worst that can happen. Your insurance goes up. You lose your license. You lose your job you total your car. You kill someone. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk. The results are tragic and often deadly. However that doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel under the influence. That's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives. So if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again. Play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride. It only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever drive sober or get pulled over paid for by nitsa. Well you return to rings and go to know before the ufc comes back to you and offers you a shot at the heavyweight title. How did you get past what happened. Previously ufc wide. You wanna return. Well like i said that will happen in two thousand. I hung up my boots in dallas at those final trials So now what you know now. I can go back to just pursuing being a professional athlete in the fighter a they were having some trouble handling kevin randle men. At that time you know. Kevin was a pre boisterous personality talented guy but a pretty boisterous person for sure and he was giving him some trouble he was you know they. They were say they were very happy. With the way things will go with kevin. They reached out to me. After after a disagreement over the contract they offered me a contract and a shot at the at the championship. So i don't know anybody who's not gonna jump on opportunities from literally being on the outs you know with the company and and then the company reaching out saying hey we. We'd really like you to come back and fight for the heavyweight title. I said okay. I'm i'm happy to come back. And fight for the title against kevin what. I've already done the first leg of this tournament with rings. The finals are february. You have to allow me to follow through and finish that tournament. Go to the finals. They agreed to that they said okay. No problem you can go. Go finish the tournament in february and japan but we want you to fight in october against kevin around them and in in atlantic city at boardwalk hall and and said okay dear done and i knew that was gonna be a tough fight. I knew every anytime at based another guy with the wrestling credentials add. It was going to be a tougher fight. I relied heavily on my wrestling background and experience to put guys that didn't have that experience in bad places in bad positions and where the now that was going to be very difficult against a guy like kevin here is as explosive untalented. It's any guy. I've ever seen wrestle. Absolutely so i knew it had the potential to be a dangerous fighting in a tough flight. But i've been spending a lotta my time working on jujitsu learning how to wrestle off my back in for fear that some point gonna run into somebody that can take me down and sure enough. I second round. Kevin took me down But i had done enough and spent enough time there. Almost arm barton was able to protect myself and not sustained any damage in the third round. I took kevin now did the diet. Cockroach beth. Ours went straight up in the air. Like i climbed right to mount in and for mount was able to finish the fight so there was a dispiriting difference in the whole work and time. I'd spent kinda learning all this other stuff and it was apparent that kevin. Ill hadn't really been spending any time learning any of these other skills. He was who he was. Yes yeah now. That was definitely kevin. Yes well as you said You're going to get the the win with the tko finish now. You're the first two time heavyweight champion in the ufc and considering the sorta upset ufc plans once before when you finish vitor belfort their poster boy. This has got to feel good after that contract dispute to come back and win the thing again. Is this like a crowning achievement. Is this like Hey let's stick it up their kista sort.

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