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A lot of money to a free agent that might be on the market now the other interesting name is neil walker and he'll walker was reportedly looking for a fouryear deal after a kind of a bounceback situation playing with the brewers he was valuable i enjoyed your walker on the brewers roster you was helpful at a time when john of the vr was a mess in eric sogard was primarily it'd be up there against righthanded pitching the new walker gave you a little bit of something offer both sides of the plate versatile in the infield it possible that he comes back but i don't think the birds are looking to give him more than a couple of years in our again there's no guarantee prospects are suspect until they prove themselves we say it every year but the brewers do have some interesting talent in that middle infielder area with do bond you sandy as in a hero heroes both have the best bat out of a group worries yoju bond maybe the most wellrounded you sunday as the glove so you've got some options here they david stern's has done a fine job stockpiling talent in the outfield and after middle second baseman shortstop guys you could play center field right and left burst attila the has come at a key word here for david stern's so i will see right i mean only time will tell the i couldn't give me much more of a scouting report that i just did and other loved cast in here as bad but you have pointed out some of the lowest levels of minor league baseball wealthies performed well that's great but now you have to do it out of step up and that another step up and so on and stay healthy which is always a big if in the world of major league baseball so who is starts on opening day iit depends who the starting pitcher is for the san diego padres and how healthy the brewers are the position but i know that the boroughs are done yet i really don't i don't think you look at the roster today i don't think it's what you're going to see going to spring training in midfebruary now there's more to be done here for this milwaukee brewers team will ask that of jeff levering waters he thinks can happen with.

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