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No crashes reported during that earlier downpour. No delays between Tyson's in Bethesda toward the Legion bridge and, as has been the case for a few weeks, rush hour delays eastbound on the interlude through silver Spring again this afternoon to 70 North found the ramp to shady Grove Road Exit eight remaining block to repair the Poland wires damaged in a truck crash. Earlier this afternoon for shady Grove Road, You go north or south on to 70 eastbound Shady grove has been blocked for about four hours now between Falls Grow Boulevard and Blackwell wrote for an ongoing police negotiation from Georgetown Road from 28 Key West Avenue. You could get to the hospital westbound lanes of shady Grover Open back onto 70 and I 70 North out heavy Wednesday. Traffic father Hurley Boulevard upto 1 21 and slow times. Beyond water. Nine toward 80 On 70. Westbound Pastor, 32 had a crash on the left side. I 95 north bound after Route 100 crash on shoulder, getting some attention before the 8 95 Exit B W Parkway, finally catching a break North found the crash near 1 98 should mostly be clear North, and delays are finally easing. Route 50 on Ly brief. The lazy eastbound toward the seven and Bay Bridge is in Virginia 66 on eventful between the Beltway and Centerville Mining thie. Works on Congestion West for 95 east of 1 23 95 South bound, heavy from Newington to Woodbridge and remaining quite slow through Stafford County, But the crash before Route 17. It's mostly now on the left shoulder in the district north and on 3 95 traffic improving across the 14th Street Bridge. A crash near the waterfront and 12th Street exit also cleared. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites called Home Paramount Pest Control for a free inspection 888888 Home or home Paramount. Dotcom Dave Tilden. W T o P Traffic STORM team for four day forecast. Let's check in with Mike's Jennifer to be true, The coverage of storms has really diminished across the region still small but rather potent Storm. In between Fort Washington and AKA Kick Right now in southern Maryland. We're seeing a couple of strong.

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