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Good job being musician you play like jerry lee lewis i never thought i'd say that to a black person and daryl davis was like what do you have a problem with people or something and the guy was like yes i'm in the kkk i have all kinds of problems and instead of leaving daryl davis not to know the guy and then he could never quite shake how interesting experience was and so he decided i'm going to learn about these people and write a book about them i want to understand what has led them into this and so from there he got to know that guy and got another groups and he did all kinds of just trying to figure them out legitimately like not like not just come at them and be like you're all awful change he actually wants to know what they're thinking and he's done a red today also which is very cool and at one point in there they ask him about like are these kkk people like neo nazis and he says that it actually varies between the groups like some of them are kind of built on these nazi people and others like explicitly reject them and so there's like weird overlaps there and he probably knows more about them than most everybody is just amazing that's really cool like the idea of appreciating the nuances of hate groups just to understand them is it's so easy to just dismiss in a hate the hate groups just blanket statement and that he wants to he's genuinely curious about what they believe in how they're different and how he can help them is wonderful.

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