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We're looking for cruiserweight looking for sixty eight pounds sixty pounds in forty seven pounders forty pounds. Let's go man. get into ring sway. Male or female is get populist. Getting busy we ready man. We got the location. We've got the network. You know what i'm saying. It's time to sign up and get yourself in rain get yourself ranked part of the boroughs ecosystem. And maybe you get something nice when you win you. Just don't know damn seventy seven days. You might get some nice. We got medallions in florida. It might be something better. You just never know checking medallion whenever every styling Yeah yeah you know. Ooh look at that. Oh stop bro. it keeps blinding. Yeah no got my shades with me. Stop that one. Jerry loyd real quick let me get to super chat the the return of the and he says bomb lord crawford will announce his bout with the two time regional manager of walgreens role jones. The pedestrian beater is back in action. Areas is the worst so funny pates nation says. Could it be oscar de la hoya. I'll tell you why it's not. But that's what intrigues at. I'll tell you why. Not because they announced that fight is going to be on thriller and you know and they said it's going to be versus a ufc guy. And secondly you know. I thought oscar so ryan. Don't fight pat. you can lose out of time. Impasse you the church. But he didn't do that. I i'm i'm surprised that he's going to thriller versus offering himself to dissolve versus ryan. Yeah because they into bag nest. They got the bag man. They just do. Disown had the bag but they spent it. Were word i go ahead. I said might go ahead marez on you Not the i'm sorry. I got distracted. Right there Go ahead and that's i'm sorry. Let's see were. We end super chat. We just did that was pace nation. That was let me refresh it. I was the show kid. But i don okay at tokyo's an extra kid got he says if kids bud the pacman fight you know. He extended that contract for some. But in earl gonna happen in twenty twenty six shaken mme. Hey i would normally say that. That's an astute way of looking at it but not the only result things is because that was like a really bad month between bob and crawford and they must he said some things that to be honest with you. I think he deserved to go to bat for crawford after everything he said after putting them on blast away he did and it felt like unnecessary interim saying and they hit talked about like Like some other things in the barbershop. Conversation with Bob and they had talked about eddie and and and how that relationship was after the whole team. Gasco thing And it's like bob is the kind of guy who's reactionary he'll react and then think later. I think what happened was he reacted on crawford and the situation and the you know insurmountable amount of hate that he probably got and said you know what Anita correct the roll. And so he doesn't make him sign a four year extension or three year extension to just to get a fight that he should have gotten a long time ago. Let's be real But the next one is boxing expert. Who says to crawfish a washed british way crawfish awash. British is a big announcement. Oh he says for crawford. a washed. British fighter is a big announcement. Yeah yeah because Yeah review brooke was pay per view and calm was pay per view am. I didn't even think it will. Of course but yeah. I didn't even think of that. But is there any like welterweight british. Oh what about fifty four. Anything big you know tim zoo. Were crawford go to australia for big. Is like where you going with the zoos shit. He's fighting. He's fighting just recently soon this month or next month. He's fighting somebody from another australian friday. Can't remember his name right now. I mean i like this saturday. I like oh gosh that sounds like a major announcement. But why would you know what i'm saying. Let you guys fight pay up. Listen listen paper. I can't see it as you gotta make me a believer money. Not money contract right like right. Do you think out understands crawford and earl is the big fight okay. So what if our says. I'm gonna give you guys know rematch clause with the contract that you know if crawford wins. The next fight is earl which built the fight more but if he wins he walks away. No no no rematch your understand but it but you still have the situation with that. We have with wilder and aj where it doesn't really matter dude. Losing now we still want to fight. It just made it even more like it made it even more salty fact that that he lost his all. You know what i'm saying and his title but we still want to see the fight between the duke. We still they still are the best. If you lose to. Who is that dude you you tell me the first time you fight you tell me to wait a really well because aj last year. Not that dude. And that's what people still be out the dude. That's i don't subscribe to that a while two. Am i picking age wilder. I'd never did from day one. And that's that's the same point. I'm making we while the was the dude right more. We thought utah. You said then people think he lost andy and even after a while. The losing people still picking wild the be. Aj because of the anti law. So it's like the same thing with dealing dealing with like fighters that take losses that they're not supposed to little banana skin in their career where they slipped and fallen. They ask for those that do fall on the banana skin. If you can get back up and make it happen. He did when he came back. He won't guys titles not the way everybody wanted to happen and he knocked up. Who live now. He's getting this opportunity that ended today that that's the fight that we want to see too big athletic dudes. You know what. i'm saying. Who who are muscular. Put it on the line whether they haven't an l. or not. Listen better thing. I just think. I'll has done business with his secondary fighters with bob given guys on that type of deal like no rematch clause guaranteed crawford. If he wins fights earl necks on pay per view. You know they do the same. They did it already with packing a little floyd and then did it. You i this whole deal like i. Just don't trust the second guaranteed deal because whoever wins they have the right to make whatever they want to know. That's what the contract is for. See that's what. That's what. I see and binding arbitration. If there's bob bob would honor that right like we've had luik vici if i got a contract you don't matter what you offer me. I'm not breaking that contract. I've been doing business with the bob's been the longest one doing business if he signs a contract with al or they have in agreement because they've been doing business so long where he says. No no listen. Bob no rematch close. But i'll give you the opportunity you guys desperately need. I'll give you the unification to even this up. 'cause think about it it's gonna even everything it's gonna make the plainfield level so it's like now give you that but this is my terms my terms. All my fighter has no rematch close ver- term saw. If your fighter wins he must fight earl on pay per view. Split paper view like co-promoter like what is wrong with again. Hold on hold on. We see us on. Hbo alexander brand sullivan. Then andre ward vs sergei kovalev and it was a to fight deal because the rematch clause like. It's not like we haven't seen fights.

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