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The ted kennedy story with mary jo kopechne e back in the nineteen sixties nineteen sixty nine this summer and this is now giving younger viewers the story who may not have been familiar with this huge controversial story that rocks the kennedy family the world of politics and the story is that ted kennedy what he was driving home have this woman in the back of his car she was drunk and dropped her in the drink basically he didn't stop to save her once he had this accident he drove his car into chappaquiddick hey you went over the bridge so there are those people who are my age you weren't around then but people who were my wasn't remember it vividly and there were the kennedy protectors they were the the kennedy deceiver is the kennedy the kennedy sycophants people who would the candidates could do no wrong and so they all gathered around and try to do what they could ted kennedy was allying sob and and he tried to take care of himself from the very beginning his first thought was about him the woman died in the car and didn't have to the movie sets a tone not only for the whole kennedy family but mostly the focus is on the old man joe kennedy played by bruce dern there are a lot of well known actors in this movie the story i've seen enough of it so tell the story yeah i guess that premier was last night i didn't know that's why i know you know the story i know started talking about it long long time ago on the radio and i've talked about it since and when i was doing radio in boston i was very unpopular because of my position on the kennedys kennedy's as i say were they had their fingers into everything oh man kennedy had media connections and they do a number on you and your career the brothers all of them from joe junior who was killed he was a pilot in world war two joe the father had been the ambassador in england and liked hitler and wanted us to make peace with him then after the war started he wanted to protect his interest because remember the kennedys go back to.

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