Senator Mitt Romney, Senator discussed on Bernie and Sid in the Morning


Senator Mitt Romney is the only senator to break party ranks in is a voting to convict president trump on one of two articles of impeachment abuse of power the Senate quitting the president on both articles yesterday the Utah senator said I know in my heart that I'm doing what's right I understand there's going to be enormous consequence president trump has tweeted he will make a public statement at noon to discuss the victory hoax victory in all caps in his suite also a tweet from Donald Trump junior following acquittal of his father Donald Trump junior tweeted elements is that was largely aimed at willow run the McDaniel Republican Party chair Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be potus he was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he's joining them now he's now officially a member of the resistance and should be expelled from the G. O. P. correspond about Costantini reporting there at McDaniel is Romney's niece illegal immigrant twenty one year old re as Khan is being arraigned today on his indictment in the murder of ninety two year old Maria Fuentes of queens he was sexually assaulted and murdered after a federal request to detain con for deportation in November was denied well Joe Biden's weighing in on people to judge a slim lead over Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses former vice president Biden was talking to a crowd and summers were to Hampshire when he turned his sights on P. blue jays who eclipsed him in the delegate count in Iowa I have great respect for this service in this nation but I do believe it's a race to be just straight up with you for this party to nominate someone who's never held office higher than mayor of a town of a hundred thousand people with Indiana I do believe insurance the two may **** heads on Friday night as they shared the debate stage with other presidential candidates at Saint Anselm college in Manchester I'm Steve casting down a forty year a life sentence for the ex boyfriend of a New York City correction officer killed execution style thirty seven year old key on Richmond sentenced yesterday in the twenty sixteen killing of twenty five year old Alistair Brian in Bergen beach Brian was shot five times and the suspended in New York City officer Michael valve and his fiancee accused of killing the officers assigned eight year old Thomas valve are due in court today for arraignment on charges of murder and endangering the welfare of a child Dow futures right now they're up one hundred seventeen points W. A. B. C. news time seven oh three traffic sports and weather next radio seventy seven WABC entertaining and informative for overall the people are talking about the president not shaking the speaker's hand her introduction did not say it's my esteemed honor by speaker of the house to welcome the forty third president I'd states president trump instead it was he is the president I'd states and then when he walked up to hand in his speech to her in an envelope he did not shake her hand so that ended with her ripping up.

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