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Osce for android otms that to be be a thaw or something like that aren't endless provide often tell me and i try out a logistics on be for that well it was it was in um it was an android land in 'cause you know this is something that gormley recently started tackling to i would say with a with new ga some of the advanced power management settings but manufacturers would put on their own lowpower modes you know i extended run time modes in an ultra lowpower ming samsung really i made a lot of noise about their to stage you know you kind of reduced staff in keep things from running in the background and then if you were down to like your last ten percent we'll shut everything off on his phone and try and keep your battery lat lasting as long as possible and we also saw its yeah but that's not practical way to use your phone on a daily basis well there was a time there especially like galaxy s two and galaxy s three era aware i own anything that you would do to kind of restrict the functionality of the device we would customize and do it ourselves and so especially getting into like the s four era i used to run my phone and lowpower mode for most of the day just because the ltte with such a new tack and if you caught you were you were stuck between different towers recycling switching from three g two four g no you're battery which is correct and so you know there were times where i would manually activate that just to make sure that my phone would last the day and i would use it that way throughout the day um so there are have already been ideas of this kind of user management i mean not exactly the same i'm using this as an analogy to what we're expecting apple to do in terms of just reactivating full performance on an iphone but it's not something that's a totally alien or a totally foreign concept to the smartphone market it's just.

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