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What the heck we're gonna do. You're really coming workout. And so, the first year, I thought was let me get in the car and video myself and post this on Instagram celebrities do. Oh, yeah. You're right. You do the Franklin the fly things. Right. Studio guy. Okay. Okay. That's fine. By car. It's my mobile studio. Anyway. Kelly Ripa blaming her because she was one who got me all of these followers. So now when I asked simple question currently, I've over thirty one hundred responses on what flora should choose that's overwhelming, because he can't sit there and count going with any of the three we found to others. Great Kelly Ripa replied late last night. I blame me too. I am Bs and then she put in parentheses sorry. So late school concert than dinner now she does she explain to me, why she was just a couple expanded responded at all. Then she did. So I don't know. We got through our first fight. That's what I'm telling. Okay. That's great. I'm glad. Yeah. Conceited. Unploughed back at Mike, Fleiss, again 'cause I told you when he started saying we pay your salary. It's like the pump the brakes, bro. So what did she say? After that. Wasn't that what you know? Who I was watching last night on the season finale, by the way of Grey's anatomy, a whole nother little plot to us there at the end, at least according to my wife. Oh, I'm sorry. I was hearing that all is. Ref on Ellen Pompeo.

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