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A network of news and financial information 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries fetus news radio now a global news update president trump is dealing another blow to obama care the white house announced it was ending affordable care act subsidies to insurance companies calling the payments and abuse of taxpayer dollars republican susan collins says she's staying out of maine's governor's race saying she can do more good for maine by staying in the us senate i have demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle tip fails color license and liz tip tip the concerns of the people of my state my country and mike cowley president trump is set to announce he will decertify iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement a move that kicks the issue to congress but stopped short of withdrawing from the agreement entirely air is correspondent jim joe johnson european diplomat says eu foreign ministers are expected to call for the accords continued implementation i'm john trout bloomberg markieff's massar anchorage unsecure all be broadcasting live from the commonwealth financial national conference in san diego and coyne jamie walker joins us jeff links we talk about the business of private aviation today to eastern on bloomberg radio global business news 24 hours a day bloombergcom the radio mobile app and on your radio.

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