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Six again, it's looks like teeth Pete. I mean, everything is had to come up with ways to pull you in. When you're. Driving down the road back then. So then it got really creative with it. And we just don't see that when we're driving along the highway as much anymore. We'll in that what should not be confused with the teepee motel. This is a Curio shop. But that I think that's actually unread sixty six also, isn't it? Yeah. So we're almost to those. Okay. Yep. But yeah, it just it goes on and on Albuquerque. You've got to sixty six diners standard diner, you can justify aside trip up to Santa Fe because the early route did go up to Santa Fe it did Santa Fe loss down when they took a bend out of the road at some point lost all the traffic the up. I think Santa Fe did. Okay. What do you think? You could easily time this with bloom fiestas Albuquerque, which is spectacular. It is indeed. And we have a whole episode bloom fiestas Albuquerque as well. So it's well worth a listen because it's it's absolutely worth going to. Oh, absolutely. It's it's a bucket list item. It is it is heading out of Albuquerque you start to get towards while the El Rancho motel in Gallup, that's where all your movie star stayed when they were filming westerns out west, and you can go in there. And they've of course, got a gift shop. So you've got petrified forest national park, which is one of the most underrated national parks, stealing national park that route sixty six ever did go through and they've got a cool. They've got an old. I believe Studebaker that they've allowed to rust out by where the road used to be. What's also cool is that's also we start to get into the area where the Harvey company really started to get big. Okay. So there's a lot of cool stuff. There's one of the original with the call Harvey houses. Now, I'm going to guess that a lot of people haven't there's a book about the Harvey company that came out within the last decade. But a lot of people probably don't know who you're talking about to make a long story short Harvey, basically was kind of disgusted with what was available in terms of food and beverage while traveling by train what would happen as the train would stop in into a town there. And the town knew that they were the only people gotta eat. So they were known to. To take food that people left on their plates and reheat it. They've been known to charge double and say if you don't leave you're not you're not gonna make your train unless you pay. It had become the wild west out there and Harvey basically changed all of that and made train travel when we think about the luxurious cross country train crossings made it a thing. The eventually, I believe it was his son had a hand and TWA if I'm not mistake. Of course. Yeah. Basically to bring the same principles to the sky when we think about how flying, you know, used to be a little bit more luxurious the credit a lot of that to Harvey son bringing the same principles, of course, the Harvey girls he hired in. It's again, he was a head of his time. And a lot of ways people will say, okay, he only hired single mostly attractive women to the Harvey girls. But at the same time this was when none of the women out west even had a hope of getting a job. And so they became their own click. They were very strict in terms of of how the women were to behave and things like that. But it really led to all of your modern what we think of with servers and and gratuity in good service that really a lot of it can be traced back to Harvey. So you can actually go to one.

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