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Police department is involved in the investigation says mayor Jim Brainard, he says there's no place where graffiti like that or hatred in karnal, which is a welcoming community. Chris Davis reporting. I not again rabbi been syndrome reminded of people out there who don't like us. This is not a big surprise to us. Let's look at the support the day after the graffiti was discovered about a thousand people packed into the synagogue in Carmel to show their support billboards all say love and have a star of David inside the oh, they went up and they run from south bend to mooresville. Non Herrick reporting. Then on August sixteenth charges filed against two people accused of the vandalism the federal charges conspiracy to violate civil rights penalty upon conviction for such a crime is up to ten years in federal prison. US attorney Josh McClure Carmel police chief Jim Barlow. Okay. As he suspects sends a clear message that this type of this is going to take we're not going to allow that in Carmel, not long after the vandalism Indiana governor, Eric Holcomb announced he would push state lawmakers in two thousand nineteen to pass a law to make the penalties. More harsh for those convicted of a hate crime. I think it's long overdue that we move forward as a state so all take the time between now and the next legislative session. There's a groundswell of support executive director of the Indianapolis Jewish community Relations Council Lindsey men, suddenly the governor's statement today was really welcome rabbi syndrome with these words during the service, July thirtieth. John. For the top eighteen of eighteen I'm C J Miller. You're listening to the eighteen of eighteen. The the rumors to about Pence being replaced. Yeah. I saw that yesterday. If it is Nikki Haley because that's the rumor you're actually excited by super excited about it only because I love Nikki Haley, I also looked pants. That's I don't like the idea of there being this much turnout. We'll see that's because you hate chain. Yeah. Not a fan. I love she. I think change is awesome chicks on the right? Weekdays nine to eleven on ninety three. At Walgreens, we know it's cold and flu season. Again, a time. When all you wanna do.

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