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Complementing but also teasing transgender people you know and and and i've had liberals get really upset about it lmi but i've had transgender people come up to me and hug me and be like that was great that is really weird thing about the transgender uh there's a lot of there's a lot of a white mostly white guilt back and forth within the lbgt q commute enemy accused on in there anymore i dunno over the gay community and then transgendered and then i was i was wives listeners something uh reading some today and i was like the whole concept of being born this way they give you born gay or not born this way because that is the big divisive thing because half of the people say no no no this is a choice half of the gay people say this is the choice in in the other half say knows born this way right and the peoples it is a choice that you will you tell them you were born away and they can isolate that gene and they could start a boarding gay babies and so you the hot so you like in the middle of it go on like oh my god and then with the art work you oreo boarding straight babies or two that operate people seem to be seen to be a better a better who've that's what i like about you is that i network i when i heard you i think maybe both times on rogin or by her to another time on something and this going to sound so silly but un giraldo grew up around the same areas and you sound ally all really the fresh that matters i could probably the greatest compliment and he was ever give me and you guys are both on your both the almost identically minded people very very intelligent very liberal but more cynic liberal like like your i'm social liberal i'm like you're like literally me yeah like almost like almost like not proletarian what's the limited lived there turn yeah i mean i i think liberated term libertarian has been hijacked now ago a sort of more of a tea party group of people but i really do think that like liberals bothering me i can't say as much as the right but almost as much.

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