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The other things. So we always get bloodthirsty as a fan base, right? When teams continue to run into that brick wall. So yeah, of course it's fair to ask the question, could Kyle dubas be in jeopardy? Yes. On record, no doubt he knows that. He would expect that. But I would think that there's enough evidence to also present a counter argument why he shouldn't be in trouble if they fail again this year. Well, I'm you'll correct me on this. Brendan Shanahan signed an extension, correct? Yeah. Yes, he did. What length I'm not sure, but I believe he did. So, shanny hire and dubas have been a team and a vision. Yeah. I don't see it. I don't see that dubas if they lose in the first round would be let go. Because of the extension. And this extension also is an extension of Brendan Shanahan's vision. Now, to me, the toughest part they have to walk around, like those are all great signings, cash abundant camp. Campbell at 1.65, all great. The vision to me got bumped off track when they've got so much money loaded in the four forwards. Like that to me and the $11 million that goes to John Tavares is such a huge bolt in the middle of their lineup. It is, yeah. You know, I mean, but that's part of their vision. And so they've got to work around it. And so far, it's not work. It's not even come close to work. They haven't got out of the first round. No. So that means you could have John Tavares or not have John Tavares. And you still lose in the first round. Yeah. And look, I don't think I don't think the answer to the question, no. For me, the answer is no. Yeah, we could be flat out wrong..

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