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Concluded that the top housing market for 2018 will be las vegas they say it's future is growth ice searingly bright coming up in half an hour millennials are shouldering more debt to become homeowners seeking backing you thanks bill continuing now at our special cheryl though winter market and indepth work at the three months ahead which in much of the country are the coldest and snowiest months of the year what will the upcoming months mean to real estate and what will they mean to you if you're planning to buy or sell a home in the winter market for that let's talk to an expert joining us as paul passed a lock senior meteorologist in head of the longrange forecasting department at accu weather paul welcome to real estate today thanks for having me giving again so paul after that really rough patch we had with hurricanes and wildfires please tell us it's going to be an easy winter is it ever i mean there has been a couple of winners word really not whole lot has happened but i don't think this one's going to be a quiet one in fact it's already started on a high note already with you know the snow all the way in the deep south and the fires continuing in southern california with a strong offshore wins but uh i think that's just the beginning of a rough stuff coming you know you just mentioned of the we have seen early snowfalls in many parts of the united states now are the early snowfalls any indication of what's to come later or they just a oneoff event i just think it's a preview of that anything can happen anywhere any we had snow all the way down to mexico in florida already in this is really early for that to happen so yeah i think that we are going to see occasional extremes pop off from time to time especially the rest of december and also into the month is january's well interesting so paul let's go regionbyregion and take a look at what kind of winter weather we should expect and how it might impact real estate starting with the northeast well the.

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