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In canada um by those who don't see it now they're star is rising even higher the hbo documentary may at last a portrait of either brothers by a judge epa talent michel bon fig leo airs on hbo signature tomorrow the movie follows scott in seth even as they record their grammynominated 2016 album true sadness along the way a marriage dissolves a child has fallen ill last september i met up with seth and scott before a show to talk about the film their relationship and the emotional energy it took to create the it's about three hours to showtime at tangle would in western massachusetts and the aided brothers are feeling relaxed mostly i get a little nervous but more from a physical health than 10 light making are hitting their homecourt or something uh i'm always afraid that i'm going to get way way into it like i do most nights and that sometimes can hear something pop and the she's going to be it it can be hard to tell the brothers speaking voices apart but this is seth he's the one with hair past his shoulders and creaky knees that doctors blame on years of stumping around on stage an award is getting old peter and we're getting old how old are you like thirty five am i am seventy years as a good luck to them that is actually 37 what are these four years younger than scott scott plays the banjo in sings scott is described as the outgoing brother the one who is always on and right there you could sort of here the camaraderie between them the evite screw up on a small farm in north carolina their grandfather was a pastor he died many years ago but seth says his sermons still inspired the themes of familial love that are common in their music he seemed to have a a pretty good hold on on love of humanity and on the complications of having alive and the blessings in the demons uh the come along with with the the human condition that's your touching on the the nucleus of the entire thing it seems like you know for the for the film and for for the banned is that we have this very fortunate dynamic of having scott nye and our brotherhood as the nucleus of the of the project the legendary producer rick rubin says that relationship is unique and music.

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