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Say Netflix. Or show me the best prime video into your x one voice from telling you. It's all you've ever wanted. All you've ever needed all one place. That's how SUNY makes your life. Simple easy. Awesome. Get started with extending internet and TV today. You gotta do is go to dot com. Call one eight hundred seventy or visit an extended store today to learn more restrictions apply. Netflix and prime video membership required. Works northwest is asking what's your adventure? This spring. Lifesaving one donate blood today. And you're guaranteed to be someone's hero bloodworks has a new app that makes it super simple to to find a blood drive near you. It just takes a few taps. And when you donate this month, you'll be entered to win some great prizes like a five hundred dollar flight voucher. Be bold for blood in adventure. Good tagline. Isn't it? What are you waiting for? Download the bloodworks apt today by texting blood app to nine one nine eight five bloodworks N W dot org. Veteran our community. Drop-by-drop good for you foods. Great for you prices. This week at your neighborhood sprouts, one pound packages of strawberries or two for three dollars and butcher shop air chilled or Ganic check in just one ninety nine pound limit for per customer. Plus, it's ARA Ganic sale. Enjoy incredible savings on over seven hundred of our best selling organic items throughout the store crisis. Valid through April seventeenth at our mill creek and Lynnwood locations sprouts farmers market. It's healthy living for less ninety two point five tickets to see Khalid. Movin ninety two point five to streaming hookup. Really? Me. The feeling. The way the way. Thank you. Who? The. Value. You want their land. Accommodates? Symbolic. The. Me. Ninety two point five. But she was never. Maybe russia. Maybe your. Nick. Maybe. Pick out on that. Looking next. Reveal Jiwon arrive. And. No. Doc. Every time. Oh, you don't. We raise. Walk in a canoe. You tell me. Trust down. We got. But. Does. Be. Still. Jubal in the.

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