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And Archie Griffin won the Heisman Trophy so who is the most valuable player in the big ten conference this year JK Dobbins but let me say this if you take JK offerings and master to use to tell but would just then you're going to lose more games than if you to just it off and you didn't have JK in my opinion every and what do you think well I I don't know if charter could quite do the job that just is done so I think I have to go with you guys on the battle this you think master could do the job the JKD I mean I don't I think the drop off I think the dropoff is far less significant I guess a significant I totally disagree with you you go out there today you know why so shocking about this your thank you for having a running back back to top no no what about always give way more hype than they deserve way more love than it is up to when you can turn around and give it to that do and he he dictates what defenses do he dictates the manpower to dictate floated boxes because if you don't know the box he's going to get you and so now I can sit back to have all these one on one throws yeah then I run to the left a little bit because the dude has done all but he's a lot of yards but they knew what a corner that you'd have to chase young forces opposing offenses do things they normally wouldn't exist was second on my list first of all about number two you can tweet at me in a lot of you have with questions I met Adam Matt McCoy radio drew said nothing better than analyze the win over Michigan however I have to ask are you concerned about the Ohio state secondary felt like the defense was exposed for the first time this year odd net ever I'm not ever concerned when a unit gets better as the game goes on and the simple fact call with Mitch had it gave us a great step third down conversions two of thirteen two of thirteen from Michigan on the money down on the money down when it all counts and obviously our pass rush got a little better but our secondary made some big plays late in the game well we missed one of our start corners of the net yet doesn't matter that's a factor in that I thought at times I you know yeah we saw some things that we had seen but this was the best passing offense we played all year long they had been lightened teams up and a couple things occurred even though guys would get open again be they were hidden receivers and knows here let the second have drops it with some young guys we can help you get all your guys back you're going to be better right and so yeah I mean what are some things that were a lot of people thought Mr when is that gonna gain no one will complain the only people Michigan I mean some of these national parliaments no green in Paul five burn hello all these compiled talk about mission was going to win it so the fact that they made some please I think was the fact that they were team come here a into a are a good football is a rivalry game and then you're going to get that kind of stuff Matt you know you think about the fact that eleven out of twelve victories for Ohio state in first let's celebrate twelve enough yeah I know yeah let's talk about the fact that eleven of those twelve victories came by twenty four points or more including this game on the road on the road in a hostile environment to be able to come up with that wind and Justin fields as a starting quarterback first time he's ever been in this building you mentioned twelve no urban only had one.

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