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But yeah, I remember those years, and and I remember the years before that at around two thousand and one or so when people were saying like, we gotta come create some content for computers now, and we're gonna use flash animation. Come join us at icebox. Yes. I remember that was long and everyone had left all of their their jobs for regular television families. He didn't have to leave their families though, they did though that's their country where people know your wife people like what the fuck do. I need you for anymore, working the computer. I'm going to do this racist cartoon for the computer. But yeah, everyone's left their jobs, and they just went into these other jobs that were gone within a year. Meanwhile, podcasting still standing you mentioned of some guests recently that weird trailer park farm trailer. Where you were doing that show with Bill Dwyer and Karen kill Gareth. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I remember like the naked news. They were. Yeah. Negatives. And they had to leave second city was a co brand of that. But it was like there was some spate of radio radio shows people doing that. Greg Barron had to show pita center show. I wasn't at the trailer park farm. But I remember what your because I went to. I went to see I believe Dave Anthony and grandparents perform their show, right? And I was like, yeah. It was it was a warehouse with trailers inside that everyone did radios or something weird felt very federal walked in there like this. This can't laugh because there was impressed by the scale. And I was like, oh, wow. Every and we were all pretty young. And so as Trills? trills. School. See David Gregg have like it was like a real job. But yeah, the thing that I did was it was in Santa Monica, which is the worst. But it was topical jokes that we had to write first thing in the morning, and especially we're on the west coast. So we had to get up really early to get five in the morning or something be traffic, go out to Santa Monica and then right topical jokes about four subject matters, the news, entertainment, news, sports, and what was the other one? I know there was a four religion. Writing religion jokes. Oh my God. This is in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven for MSN or MSNBC, maybe and it was just MSN was it. It was MSN. And it was the second city naked news. And so as me and Karen kill Gareth and Bill Dwyer and like Nichols. Elaine may okay, all of us Avery Schreiber, Zana resented data. And we would write these jokes every day and a proxy. We would ride them starting at like, you know, eight AM, and then at approximately noon, we would we would try to write like two pages of topical jokes today at noon, we would read through them all and then we would record them for this basic like it was a radio play with flash animation. That people were supposed to watch. I guess. Yeah. It was like for basic a bitch. I do remember the Bill Dwyer had a leg up on his because he had such a funny delivery that. Even if the joke, he wrote wasn't good, and he would always Atta tag that was such in his voice that we would always like the tag better than the joke or we go. All right. We picked that one just to hear him do the tag fun times nineteen Ninety-seven. But technically my first professional writing job. Thank you so much lasted to summer and then canceled, but you got in there. That's the important thing. That's the important thing is that guy my foot in that door. Yeah. And it's still there. It's still there still going, hey show biz. And you're blocking for other people to get an old evidently. Hey, if I can block ten people a day from getting what I? That's what I tried to do. It's a numbers game show biz. That was fun though. That was a fun summer you were working on mister show, and we would talk on the phone occasionally..

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