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Anaheim, Lapd, George Floyd discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


Finally waking it took them long enough to do so I just hope that not just charge for the three ana Taylor gets her justice to give it a bittersweet moment I hope it doesn't stop by that's not worth fighting for worth fighting for all black lives to be treated equally good that there's some justice and that there is that everybody who's involved is going to be paying for it and going to be you know charge certainly an emotional ending to this black lives matter picket that made its way through the streets of downtown Anaheim all of it peaceful in Anaheim Craig signature can extend seventy newsradio the head of the LAPD says he regrets his remarks earlier this week saying looters after the death of George Floyd on their hands chief Michael Moore talks to KNX in depth with a terrible disservice to the city to the men and women that are out here protecting ourselves that are they're protecting the the communities that are trying to serve all of Los Angeles and also most importantly facilitate this is current these current demonstrations and facilitate the lawful and and peaceful efforts of of thousands of Americans that see the injustices that that recognize racism and the need and cause for police reform which I agree with the chief says he hopes to move past week causes distraction focus on the important work conversation about justice and racism in America made the role that's police employed Moore says that he was horrified when he saw the video Floyd's death and looks forward to justice they've arrived protesters right now once again in front of the Hancock park residents of mayor Garcetti and can extend seventies Pete Demetriou is there Pete about fifteen minutes ago all of a sudden they turned the corner and Wilshire and Irving and then started marching up at first ten to twenty and then all of a sudden the remainder of.

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