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Delivery guy for the len which chain of sandwich shops he's been a delivery guy for eight years he says following the law puts him and his company at at a disadvantage i feel sad you know they got defy would try to do our best an electric bicycle more foster said of his if it doesn't legal weather people still linger good question so i went to ask someone who sells them there is no definition of what an electric bike is demon victor is president of green path electric bikes he's been sown ebikes in sunset park for seven years in that time the city is tried to find him twice guy and i beat it twice he says his business suffers because of the confusion regarding the law more on that in a minute last year at my best you the shia there's been a big crackdown by new york city and that publicity has put a dampener on my sales alah back on the upper west side to sessions handed raising the issue about electric delivery by shuffler takes up the issue at the june meeting of the 24 th precinct community council he tells them about the numbers since clocked on his radar gun i'm not sure the technology is an average basis these bites traveled twice as fast as regular bicycles the precincts executive officer jack morrison literally raises an eyebrow longview ultimately is that this is gonna end little death a couple of deaths litigation morrison says the precinct has confiscated thirtyfour electric bikes so far this year he says he be happy to accompany shuffler on one of his outings and then well let's put the brakes on for a minute what morrison doesn't say is that even the police can't figure out how to enforce the law and therein lies the tail about government regulations gone awry you see under federal law all electric bikes are legal as long as they don't go faster than twenty miles an in our but state law in its wisdom makes them illegal on public roads in new york and as we learned in the bike shop there's different kinds of ebikes there are pedal assisted bikes were the motor kicks in the ad little home only when the ryder pedals and then their bikes with throttles where.

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