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You'll see the the the feature there goes with their third street. It's all there it's it's a. It's a fantastic. Well then it's only an hour But it it cuts right to the chase and it really is instructive and it. It's it's it's haunting It's it's happy full of memories. it's also very disdainful for the way things sort of happened at it. Certainly very hopeful. Of course the ravens franchise now for better or for worse carries on that legacy of the colts franchise inelegant as that history had wound up becoming but Moving forward from it and all that. So here's our conversation. Come up with troy and just a moment or two and it's it's a great one and if you're a colts fan or you remember the old. Afl remember the afc battles of the colts You'll enjoy the conversation immensely a few promotional things to get out of the way this weekend. Why not celebrate the legacy of the baltimore colton and frankly baltimore football history for that matter with a couple of great sponsors this week. How 'bout four seventeen helmets. That's four one seven helmets. Four seventeen helmets dot com promo code good seats for ten percent of all of your many helmets purchases and while there are. There's a indianapolis colts Helmet there. I you know i certainly you can check that one out but to interesting baltimore offerings. That might be helpful in in the span of this conversation. One of is the baltimore stallions. Efl many of you may remember in our previous conversations Around the cfl the baltimore stallions. They were known as the baltimore. Cfl colts for a cup of coffee. And then this the baltimore. Cfl's and a whole bunch of other sort of informal names but make no mistake of the colors and the stadium was if aug. on purpose frankly of the old colts franchising in many respects. The the arrival of the cfl brand of football in baltimore was the impetus to finally Once again get an nfl franchise not the expansion version but a relocation version and one commemorate that and how about a truly lost to history Version of the baltimore football legacy the baltimore bombers remember them probably don't but they were The team that was proposed by the Various ownership folks and and team officials and city officials at in the early nineties when the nfl was looking to award Expansion franchise nineteen ninety-three to be exact. The baltimore bombers were the name and logo and all that stuff the glazer family one to actually by the tampa bay buccaneers Were part of that effort. And alas the nfl decided to go south into both jacksonville and charlotte the carolina panthers for those two expansion franchises and thus obviously opening the door for cleveland moved to baltimore become the all that kind of stuff we get into that but the bombers many helmet is is cool. The logo is really neat and as a great history behind that too those are just the two of the many many very cool mini helmet offerings. That they make a.

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