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The Rams top two receivers, or was it how Daniel Brunskill and the 40 Niners offensive line completely neutralized Aaron Donald so going in this camp, and I know, I know one thing right should say, I know Three things. Erin Donald, Robert Woods and Cooper Cup are going to come out with their hair on fire because they don't want a repeat of what happened there in week six. Talking about Naoko inhuman guest line and that that Z Kind of where I'm going to go here with this next question on on the defensive side, K Juan Williams. I know he was never seen that ankle injury already and you had injury problems earlier this season, But on Jamaar Taylor is gonna have to step in after this. This two game suspension to K. Juan Williams. We talked to Greg Papa earlier he was talking about Jimmy Ward's gonna have to play a bigger role Gonna come in maybe a little bit closer to the line. The linebacker's gonna have to step up because also the tight ends or a factor. Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee. And this offense has been clicking for the last couple of weeks. So what do you make about where the defense is with the Robert Solid blitzes? With trying to stop these two receivers. Well, that might be something that 40 hours. Look at his bar is do they keep Tamar Taylor out there as the nickel back? I don't think they're gonna move Jimmy Ward. I mean, they will. They'll move him around a little bit. He and I think he and tar various more should be the starters their long term going into next season as well. But I think one thing to take a look at that gives him a little bit of flexibility is if Richard Sherman makes it through the week of practice is feeling good and ready to go. Then I think it's I come He would be a pretty easy decision. You have Sherman and red on the outside, and then you move mostly inside to cover the slot. So and the Rams are gonna come at them with a lot of three wide receiver sets and.

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