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We head to the bottom of the seventh backout to Houston with boots Giambi, Chris singleton. I spray a bunch bregman. Bradley Korea gets Carlos Carrasco 's been locked in. Caress goes allow two baserunners hit two Correa. Single in the second walk to sharia should of six that's been pregnant for two pair strikeouts. Pitch. That's it for a strike night and four with that hinder. It field. Third. The first Ramirez lint door kipness Santana, pretty well. Straight up fragment backyard, right side. The pitch. Slider. Mrs count it away. Get account wanted war. Recommended. Where's the Xinguar that front left leg? The pitch swing at a ball. Popped up. Shallow left-center field laid door out Bauer. Helmet in our bakes. The cat can be trouble. This time of the evening. It's twilight communication is huge right now. And our sports was able to track that one as it would have been a problem at not seen it because Lindores still had a little ways to go. One down. Now here comes Michael Brantley. Brantley old for two grounded a second a couple of times. Let's head hitter. And the pitch swing and a line drive. That's base hit out of the right set of. One out the child run his on base. Here comes Carlos Correa. Like, Michael Brantley hands are just. So good even in its stance. He's waiting for the pitch liver. You just see the bat in his hands his back position that his hands. I mean, they get to through the ball. And you know, the the barrel is like that lag. And it gets there. And he's just he's so consistent. I talked today. A little bit of what's like being here in the Astros. It's definitely different because he'd been with the Indians organization for so long. I said how about all the analytics in that? He says I'm old school. Is there anything that's been helps? It not really. And I just I do my thing. And that's a surprise. Because a lot of guys. I mean, I remember talking to Cameron may been when he came over here. Their pitch gray fouls off to the right? Data play guys. He was blown away by. Yeah. You learn about a self edges. Do you think you hit? Well, he would say AXA they would say no not that you actually hit wide better. But again, I mean when you talk about Michael Brantley Mickey his dad played the big leagues. Bigly hitting coach. Said a lot that old school trading. You'll one is infrastructure. So I asked him I said, well, how how much do you pay attention.

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