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Yankee stake a one game to none lead in this best of five A. L. D. S. they win game one over the twins tend to for this is the song wave gas and power Yankees post game show I'm Sweeney Murty a different kind of game for the Yankees they had a couple of home runs the ball solo shot their two biggest hits came with the bases loaded doubles like labor Thoresen DJ lemay you both of them came with two strikes Yankees did strike out in this ballgame twelve times but they put the band the ball when they got traffic on the bases there are two things aren't talks about a lot control the strike zone traffic on the bases the Yankees were able to do that they drew eight walks in fact in their their two biggest hits were a bases loaded double bike labor Taurus in a bases loaded double by digital may you they scored five runs on those two hits those are the only two hits in those innings they scored two runs in the fifth on one hit they scored three runs the seven on one hit none of the more home runs they wore down the twins and yeah they gave up a few home runs they gave up three of them in fact to off of James Paxton one off of Tommy Kaylee all of them were solo shots the two homers the Yankees it were solo shots but with arrested and deep ball pen they went at it with James Paxton going for two thirds are to be no kingly green Britain even J. help burning and their roles Chapman to close it out even with a six run lead to get him some work after a long layoff and perhaps keep him sharp for an opportunity in game two it was long it was four hours and fifty minutes there were a lot of walks even on the Iraqi side they walked six batters a lot way too many the Yankees lost took advantage of it twins did not the twins none of the twins batters that walked ended up scoring none of them led to runs the Yankees end up getting not only a walk but also hit batter. and they scored five runs off of those and that was a that was really the big reason the twins did not challenging off for not aggressive enough and they paid for it when they put traffic on the bases which is what the Yankees were after they win game one by the final of ten to four we'll talk about it was Susan woman on the cover of support let's listen to the highlights of this ballgame and a lot more still to come this is the sun wave gas and power Yankees post game show well the WFAN Yankees radio network. all right it's Jamie progresses employee of the month to month in a row leave a message at that hi Jamie hit me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song with the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay Hey hearing from bone was what wine you say will be found coverage options to fit your budget then we just all the finger snaps will acquire goes he was coming after they've come at Jeff yes no maybe anyway so your practice tonight I got a new there so the referee..

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