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Ladies and gentlemen. Schnitt listeners across the globe. It has been about an hour and a half since the Washington Post piece came out where Nancy Pelosi was interviewed and said that no not going to pursue an impeachment of Trump because it's so divisive. And she doesn't think that he's worth it. And then also said that Trump is not ethically fit intellectually fit to be president of the United States. So no response from President Trump by the minute. The story broke. We got to it just minutes after the story broke in our number two. I said that WalMart God stand back is the response from Trump is going to be big. And here we are. We're an hour and a half later, and there is no response from President Trump, which listen, that's not uncharacteristic. Sometimes it takes hours and hours. Sometimes it's the next day. Before he response. But I I was I expect some kind of a gigantic wallop. Coming from President Trump against Nancy Pelosi for what she said. And she even height this up for those that are tuning before I finish up with FOX and Janine Piero and move onto Joe Scarborough to mention the Tucker Carlson messes. Well, hold on get into all this in a second. It's not enough time in a three hour show. I need to expand this thing to six hours a day. Anyway, so Nancy, but she was hyping this. She was juicy this in this interview with the Washington Post Nancy Pelosi said I'm not for impeachment. This is news. I'm going to give you some news right now. Because I haven't said this to any press person before, but since you asked, and I've been thinking about this impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path and because it divides the country and because he's not worth it. And then, you know, he's on he's on fitness, unfit for blah, blah. That's what Nancy. She was building. This thing up. She knew this was going to make a splash. She decided to make a splash. She doesn't do much. She's slipping a bit. And she has some, you know, awkward ticks and jerks. And sometimes she forgets what she's about to say we all do from time to time. But she knew exactly what she was doing here. And I'm waiting. Waiting for Trump the punch back. And I'm sure that's coming. Sometime soon. Whether it's before we get off the air in twenty two minutes later tonight or tomorrow morning. Or two AM tweet. I expect the president comeback swinging and Nancy Pelosi. The question is just how hard finishing up with FOX in this Janine pioneer of Janine Piero situation again, not a good weekend for FOX. And then the news broke last night vow Tucker Carlson with his old appearances on the bubbas radio show and not not a good weekend for FOX. So hang on. We'll we'll get into that adjusts the second, but internally you have a producer at FOX hole suck Kamal who is a Muslim woman. She is producer on special report with Bret Baier. Now granted that some more of a news program. It's not as opinionated Bret Baier from most of the mainstream critics generally gets thumbs up with his the folks that get a lot of pats on the back typically or Chris. Chris Wallace from Fox News Sunday in his appearances during the week on Fox News channel. And then also Bret Baier gets a lot of kudos because he's not card carrying, you know, wearing everything on his sleeve with such you know. So obvious intent and that's why listen you've got MSNBC which is over the top on the liberal liberal end. You've got Fox News, which listen, I'm a conservative Republican. But at times the opinion programming at night on FOX is is over the top equally as much on the right side. And you know, I don't even watch FOX at night. I don't even bother because it just it gets older monotonous because the president deserves criticism from time to time. He deserves praise one. He deserves it. And if he does something wrong, or if he misread something says something, I mean, he deserves to be called out on it. That's called intellectual honesty. But here we have this producer this huff, Saul Kamal on special report. And she tweeted out I mean at her own network. She tweets out at judge Janine. Can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hit job are an American enough. You have Muslims working at the same network. You do including myself. NPR's not apologizing. She said that the intention of remarks was to ask a question and started debate she said, of course, because one is a Muslim does not mean that you don't support the constitution. You know, she said, I invite Representative Omar come on my show any time to discuss all the important issues facing America today. So. I would I would recommend or give advice to judge Janine Pierrot. I would say a slam Omar for her behavior. Swam Omar for her tweets swam, Omar for what she has said. And what she stands for this. Plenty there judge. Don't go after you know, what she's wearing on her head. Unless you do it the right way. Listen, I I said last week I, and I don't I never said that she shouldn't wear job. I never said that uh. She's not American if she wears a hit job last week. I said that her Jew hating and her Israel hating is so vast that it's tough to keep it under her job that she might want to go for a larger size to try to hide all the Jew in Israel hating. Yeah. I think that's fine. And I think I'm pretty accurate there. But you know, I I don't think the judge Jimmy knows how to drive the track yet. I don't even know she wrote it wasn't a producer of the road. I don't know. Listen Ilhan, Omar is made some absolutely reprehensible despicable statements about Israel and Americans who support Israel. So that's where judge you need to stick stick with that the Tucker Carlson thing, I don't get it. You know, Tucker Carlson is a very intelligent individual. There's no doubt about it. The Tucker's the smart, dude, I I just don't know why he would put himself in any position. And he also has not apologized. So judge Dineen is not really apologizing. And then we have Tucker Carlson. As listen the far, far left media matters. We know who's behind media matters. We we understand they they just sit around for hours picking conservative radio and television, and they're looking for crap to try to exploit to report on the Gotcha moments. Yeah, they went after Bill O'Reilly on numerous fronts and others at Fox News. And let's we know the game that media matters plays. The latest is is they went through tape and transcripts of Tucker Carlson. Appearing on the Bubba the love sponge radio program on terrestrial. I would imagine. And maybe when he was on satellite, and they found some really stupid things that Tucker Carlson said. Misogynistic statements seemingly supporting. Statutory rape. I just don't be stuff with the cult dude out in Utah or Arizona. What we so? What was that guy's name was that was it Jeffers Jeffries? Jeffers that Creighton, and it seems that Tucker Carlson was somewhat defending the guy being this don't the feds Tucker Carlson. How did you get sucked in to saying some stupid crap? And now, it's it's come. It's Jeff's, it's what is it? It's Warren Jeffs. Yeah. I was Jeff's Jeffers whenever that Jeffries Jeffers. Jeff. So it is Jeff's, right? Warren jeffs. Yeah. What a what a sicko Creighton? But I don't understand how taco cross and how he got sucked into saying. Just don't be things that have now come back to bite him in the ass. So you know, FOX has their hands full. And I'm sure the media matters in these organizations that hate FOX. They're gonna organize boycotts and go after the advertisers. I'm sure we're going to hear shortly about advertisers that have now dropped off of Tucker Carlson's FOX show. So again, listen. Yeah. You toss out the stones. They gonna get tossed back. And you listen, I'm sorry. It's fair game. If Tucker Carlson said stuff that was ridiculous. It's fair game. If someone finds it to bring it back, especially since Tucker Carlson recently went after Joe Biden four things that he said in the Senate back in the early or mid seventies. So. You can't have a double standard here. You can't be hypocritical. Talker. I just don't know why a smart guy like you. Maybe the bow tie was too tight at that point. I I don't know why smart guy like you would say the crap that you said, all right. I'm running a little late but better late. Then never Joe Scarborough and ocasio Cortez this flash in the pan. This flavor of the month is shiny new object. This woman in congress who was making so much damn noise. But you look at the vote count and what she was elected by. And and how she beat Joe Crowley in the primary. It's it's unbelievable. The noise and the command and what she's doing in a country of three hundred thirty million people. Listen. That's the way that's the way things happen at some time. Anyway, Joe Scarborough, and again, I'm running a little late on this. I apologize. If you've been waiting for this. I really am. It's been a busy day. Joe Scarborough this morning on MSNBC. I thought said something that was spot on listen. Hang on a minute. Okay. Yeah. The wrong button Porsche, they're listening to this show hard, edges, something, we certainly understand that obviously.

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