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Of how they were written in what they meant and someone may ask you that question agent strong but i didn't i ask you how many people you interview before you wrote it if you want to get into context let one of my other colleagues do that with you here's what i wanna know who's the he and he's not he is then candidate trump so when you said no donald trump's not and in connection with a question going to become president what's the it up it chairman gatty that text needs to be taken in the look if you wanna have a debate over a two letter word we'll have to that all the time what and who did you mean by it mr gowdy as i've stated that text was written late at night in shorthand i don't care i don't care whether order all hand cursive i don't care about any of that i want to know what it meant aged strut it would be his candidacy for the president my sense that the america would not vote him into office right right well we had gotten to the wheel yet tested playing the deck so will the american people is that right that's your testimony the will stop it you were speaking on behalf of the american people that correct mr gatty what my testimony is and what i said during extensive asking this question during my prior interview is i don't recall writing that text text what i can tell you is that text in no way suggested that i or the fbi would take any action to influence the candidates that that is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked mr usama view is still be permitted to answer most the you can hear the gowdy knows what's going on or he's just a really good prosecutor and he's he's i think he knows what's going on he knows the context is what's been changed and he's trying to highlight that and i think he's right because if you if the public and it's too late it's not gonna work everyone always thinks and it's by the way it's misogynist just to go ahead and believe that right away man woman yeah very totally believable now i'm not buying this i think that when you remove this is the cover up in front of our very eyes you remove the context hey these are two to do to a not in a relationship hell would break loose it would be a different conversation okay well i mean what you're saying is that the guys just a douchebag lover who go mark goes after the best and gohmert has do you have that clip i have all of gohmert good gohmert is i think by the way completely valid for him to ask this question completely valid well let's let's play the second half ago because it's too long part one gohmert goes after the guy for not following up on some early reports about the clinton server goes on and on and and pretty evasive and gohmert gets irked by the way he's not answering anything and he's pretending he doesn't remember anything or saying he doesn't remember anything and then gohmert starts to get irked then we go into part two which is this would this clip and you do with a stripe face and i watched in the in the private testimony you gave and i told him the other guys he's really good he's lying he knows we know he's lying and probably passed polygraph it's a mazes to chairman this is my chairman i used to this point of order the general state is point of order committee just that this witness was under oath and should just say off script instead of point of order that would that would be fun here mr cham off script of script asian the fbi lied there's no evidence that i asked him to withdraw it do not with joy he is not a member of congress it's not a violation of the rule and just as you have been expressing bias through your members about what a here's person was ever characterize from rhode island gentlemen before time that's a gentleman from rhode island no the disgrace mr this man has done gentlemen from packages full suspend for over is the disgrace and it won't be recaptured anytime soon because of the damage done to the justices and i've talked to be i just around the country you've embarrassed them you've been barest yourself and i can't help but wonder when i see you looking there with a little smirk to how many times did you.

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