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In advance of next weekend's ride for the past do us men's lacrosse team getting ready for the playoffs in the championship tournament do you play notre dame tomorrow in round one in head coach bill tierney says it's a team they know well this'll be our our seniors this'll be their seventh time in four years so we do know them we know they're playing really well right now they've got great athletes and they're very confident d you eliminated notre dame in the first round of the playoffs last year the pioneers one that champions chip in two thousand fifteen broncos working through a three day rookie minicamp draft picks and undrafted firstyear players practicing and sitting through nfl policy meetings and the rockies during a mini skid they've lost three straight they'll take on the brewers again at coors field tonight we'll have all access with cory lopez at four this afternoon in rockies on deck at five thirty next update at twelve thirty david ko koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm well the good news is we've cleared that one accident southbound i twenty five at speer boulevard we still have some delays back to i seventy northbound i twenty five running heavy from santa fe all the way up to colefax are two seventy run a little bit sluggish both directions eastbound and westbound through commerce city and also off i way we've cleared a crash at eighth avenue and speer boulevard but we have a new crash reported northbound on wadsworth at eighty four th avenue causing delays northbound and southbound cbs four weather partly sunny this afternoon with a chance for scattered showers and a high near sixty seven tonight down around forty six sixty in denver right now this report is brought.

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