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Union soldiers major general Gordon Granger landed on Galveston island with two thousand union troops stood at the headquarters district of Texas in Galveston and read general order number three informing the people of Texas that in accordance with the proclamation from the executive of the United States all slaves are free again June nineteenth eighteen sixty five which would have been more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation but they were told that day that they were free two years more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation well now we're fighting over masks because we needed something new to fight about I don I listen I'm okay I think we've talked about our philosophies on masks before to me it's an annoyance and I don't like up if I'm exercising it's I don't like it at all and I haven't worn one weapon exercise if I go off now runners there like that I can't run with that on no and I can barely breathe on my runs as it is I mean I've seen people that Nick knows the staircase of talk with there's a staircase hundred eighty steps on this one staircase just in a weird place in our neighborhood yeah and there are firefighters I know who'll wear tanks and masks while they're doing it on purpose right there working out training I'm wearing a mask when you don't have to where you're working out as a frustrating endeavor and potentially dangerous depending on your lung capacity like a champ but they're not selling you to do that they said if you're working out outdoors or whatever you don't need to wear that the race but and you've been you've witnessed this as well people will give it our minds it's a it's this weird thing it's like this mask is now a symbol of your ideology I guess if if if you're not having about it some people are wearing their masks like badges of honor well the route of some people are wearing masks to oppose him just write a five their opposition to a trump presidency yeah okay that doesn't help anything it does not help with yeah if you're wearing a mask because of your political ideology you're a moron if you're wearing a mask because you believe it's going to help keep people healthy okay that's fine that's what you and I have said from the beginning you know I'm not a doctor I don't know if this mask is helping I don't know if it's keeping people around me safe but if there's a small chance that it is I'm gonna wear the damn thing it doesn't cost you a lot of so it is it's not a political statement if your if your business said eight that the masks of taken on politics if your business has a sign in it that says no entry without wearing a mask okay that's fine you're not anti business yeah I I just know that in the order that came out yesterday from the governor was again I don't understand why you do this three months into this but the order that came out says you have to wear a mask when you're inside any public space or waiting in.

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