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Going to give the gays everything they want hella hello hey how are you guys rusty like all over them but we're glad you are here i'm glad to be here thanks for having me again you know what i'm here for right yes the most erica jane moment of the week okay so this one is i think pretty obvious like in the episode it's the look she gives you know before the geisha house it's when she comes out with the pink wig she's gone the vintage gucci boots she's got the alexander mcqueen dress komono type of things looks like a superhero and did you notice also there's a big her branding is on the back of the mcqueen swaying come on if that's not the most i herokee jane thing i couldn't tell if it was like another piece on top of the komono that had her branding her if she put it on the alexander mcqueen because a part of me was like don't touch that well i did have the same thought i am i must say i am i think she did maybe it was a second layer but i mean if she did go ahead and branded herself i mean it's a it's a custom mcqueen it's an erica jane original which like i want it and so poor plus the whole moment of her i that i thought was really funny is when she gets into the geisha house and then she has to take off the enormous vintage gucci i know he's just got that little.

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