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However, A small movie a long time. A girl. It was cold Day to remember. Yes, and and you played the system Wireless operator on the top Katic. There are I believe it was the first review made about the Titanic. And But it was just very, uh, like like old movies, and that's one of my favorite and there you did very well on that movie. As was interesting concert. Remember it well. Um, I ran because I drove out to Pinewood and they had built a huge section of the ship on the back lock, but the angle it was when it was sinking, and it was the most Impressive said I think I've ever seen in my life, uh, even better than the sets on Cleopatra, but that sure so real so real. Because I heard that they used the new technology in order to fill those, uh, parts, you know, with the Dutch chairs, removing as a secret Chevy as ship was seeking. You have the And the chairs and the tables in the dining room. It was very Breathtaking, I guess, but it was clear the movie people saw the other Titanic. Um, it's a very interesting and sobering, um, difference to actually sit down and watch. Tonight's remember and those people that liked the film that Titanic should actually watch, and I remember because it's it's very educational and teaches you a great deal. And a night to remember depended much more on acting. I'm not knocking Leonardo, the Caprio and Bill easing or any of the other performance that made that movie, But they didn't have the special effects available to them in 1959, so they depended on acting. What a novel idea. Yes, well, yeah. They had an extraordinary group of special effects people that created the images and remember which are quite defying. And of course, when we were in the water, you know, bride is one of the people who survived, so he managed to get himself onto the an upturned lifeboat. And we shot it in the rice. That leader which is the little reservoir in the north of London, and it was only about 10 degrees warmer than it was in the Atlantic and the ship sank. Remember being very, very cold in that water. You know? Wow. Yeah, because I heard that they used to do kind of technology to film. Those scenes with the The first ER drifting up and back there. It's quite dramatic, and, uh, also were that, uh, the cast that already young and Bernard Fox with that movie, too? Yeah, That's how I don't know to remember. Yes, it's funny. Bernard Fox within both Titanic and a night to remember. Really? Yes. Oh, Forward. This is Yeah, uh, major career Titanic's on Yeah. And yeah, Before I go, Uh, Morgan, I want to thank you so much for shining your light for me on the The turn Easier. White SOG pokes out added by Elvis fresh weight. And, uh, I Googled it on Spotify and I got a A lot performance. Uh, him doing it? He did. He did it just like Tony White. Very white did it? I told you it was seen large. Parts. I've seen him do that song live many retirement Vegas. Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay. Well, thank you for taking my call and And then again, we're thinking of the The people want involved in the 9 11 so, Absolutely thank you. All right, David. Take care. Thank you. Very good luck to you that money. All right, Now look, my break. And once again, David McCallum's gonna tell a story that he's told on my show before and elsewhere. About how his daughter had And I'm pleasant reaction to seeing her father killed in the movie The Great escape. I know we all know movie from real life, but How? What was your daughter At that time, David. Oh, gosh, I don't know. But, yeah, You know, I'm like most fathers. I'm hopeless with dates. Times names. I'll say elementary school age and that'll cover enough years for me to be And if people they want to speak with David McCallum will be here to the top of the hour. 617254 10 30 or long distance. 888. David just called from San Francisco. The call that was on Just a couple of minutes ago, he downed 888929 10 30. So Give a call and you get a chance to speak to David McCallum. Who is just the beginning of a great night that I have planned for you. Listeners to the Morgan Show time. And temperature. 9 1972 degrees. The Morgan Show on WBZ NewsRadio 10 30 For Over 35 Years, Advil is help millions of people stop paying in its tracks. Its newest.

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