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Human Services. Your bank open? No. While Sunflower Bank is they realize online meetings aren't the most effective way to go over your financials. That's when you need a banking partner in lender. You can actually have access to in a safe and secure environment At some flower. They're new. Normal is how they're normal is always been putting your needs. First. Reliable, attentive and accessible. Sunflower Bank is open and ready to partner with you, so stop by, or call them to learn more and be sure to ask about their competitive rates. Sunflower Bank member F D I C. Are you tracking the data impacting your business? Both employees and customers provide you with information. One connected to your network. Whether resulting in better business practices, added protection in the office or helping you learn more about your customers Behaviors. Pin business solutions has The technology to capture the data and show you how to use it ready to accelerate your business. We can get you connected. Better call us at 866 to 335705 for a complimentary assessment or visit pin business solutions dot com. This is Logan and Lewis. Hello, Good. Rick Lewis and Kathy Lee on Gay away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM Ribbon up my nose. Everybody. Welcome back. Doc wants to fund his birthday. It's somebody in the.

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