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I don't think they wanna take that away from him. Never given the you know vesna. So i think he definitely probably get it this season so maybe he s so. Maybe flurry should win them. but i think that vassilev he's gonna win slow because the league loves like repeating the same players What's it called. I'm pretty sure hold on. Hold on hold on your best left. He had the most wins. They usually pick on. Who has the most wins So you know. I mean us true. Sure yet. Which is actually. I'm looking at the stats right now. The regular season the delta v keto had the the lowest goals-against average and the highest percentage. But he probably didn't play as many games. Has i think maverick played a lot of in the beginning. No you're right. I think what he played thirty games or something Twenty three games so yeah he played. He only played twenty three. When you know. Flurry played like thirty. Six of us can actually deputy forty two. That's something i didn't really take into account. He does like a i. Guess a larger sample size. I guess you could say no. You definitely played a lot more. Yeah i just thought that was interesting about until chevik damn. I didn't even know that. I mean that's great. The i think. Think that vacillates Win it so the draft lottery also happened And i was very well md by it. Considering there was no changes man. I know i it was so anti climatic dude. I was like all right. I know especially because we don't see the balls flying around. That's what she said. I think that it would be better if we did see that. Because it has more suspense to it. You know after last. Season's the buckle of them. Waiting the balls. I'm sure they didn't want to take that risk. Ever again fucking rangers..

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