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New jersey broadcasters association and this station jersey one a one point five instant weather diving into the weekend we do have some wintry weather ahead but accumulations will be limited mostly cloudy skies for tonight and we stay windy for now lows in the mid thirties our next system will arrive after midnight tonight and through the morning hours tomorrow it's going to be mostly rain with some snow and sleet mixed in it's actually the second round later in the day mound evening time that we could see all snow as temperatures dropped during the day tomorrow so that's one i'm more concerned about with regards to sloppy travel conditions one to three inches of accumulation for south jersey according to an inch for the rest of the state tomorrow by sunday the sun returns it'll be breezy and cool with highs in the mid to upper forties to close out the weekend from the edison heating and cooling weather desk i'm meteorologist dan's arrow in princeton at sixty one north plainfield fifty eight jersey city fiftysix traffic and weather every fifteen minutes on new jersey one zero one point five join new jersey's new jersey's new jersey one zero one point five dennis malloy for a night of comedy at his alma mater del rams are holy cross high school this saturday your ticket is going to include dinner a great lineup of comics and chances to win great prizes to all proceeds go to help holy cross high school stay alive for future generations and you can get your tickets right now at new holy cross dot org four twenty four with dementia and do you think it's too difficult the way things are right now to register to vote because lawmakers want to make it even easier they want it to be automatic where you have to refuse to be registered to vote if you don't wanna be in this'll be through motor vehicles it'd be mandatory with motor vehicles where you go in and you have the ply for your license and bill says it's just automatic that you become a registered voter now this business about other state agencies you know where anonymous sources are saying this is coming from governor murphy himself it's a sticky situation though for some reason nobody wants to go on record but several anonymous sources are saying that it's it's the governor who pushed for this.

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