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Mo Kelly Show on the new L A. D. A. George Gascon says he's ready to take the office in a new direction. And he's not wasting any time. He's probably ruffling some feathers. But you know that's his prerogative. Some people want to move slower. Some people don't want to waste any time. And some of the decisions he's made. I kind of agree with some of them. I actually like a lot. Here. Two of them that I think are worthy of focusing on Guess gone. Who's a former police officer? And I think that, um, is important here. First he's doing away with the cash bail system. And I completely agree with that. And if you understand how cash bail works, especially for non violent offenders, Bail has been used as a way I would say. To subvert justice in the sense that if you're not of a certain financial status, did you just going to remain in jail even before you have your trial, and it's not like you're gonna get arrested on Friday and necessarily See a judge and be arraigned and have your case adjudicated on Monday. It doesn't necessarily work that way. And to what do I know you have something to say about this. People have languished in jail for weeks and months simply because They can't reach certain bail requirements, not talking about nonviolent offenders. I'm not talking about someone who's accused of murder or attempted rape. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about non violent Fences. This was Gascon had to say people that are being held in county jail. They're not dangerous, but they're being simply held because they cannot afford bail. That's one too many. I agree with that, and it's almost like you're being penalized and you're being imprisoned in many instances for not having money. And and I've seen it with a lot of friends. And, um, uh, people I've known over the years I've had someone who who couldn't get out of jail because he didn't pay his parking tickets. And could not afford that bail. And so they were spitting. Ah, good weekend jail before they even really saw a judge it these are the things that can go ahead. Well, I've had. I've had friends who have literally lost their jobs because they were pulled over and because there was a citation on On on their cars on their license because of overdue parking tickets. Ah bench warrant was issued. They were jailed. They were jailed for over a week's time and lost their job. They were also put into a cell with like some of the worst of the worst. They're like, why might in a jail cell with people who have killed other people? That's what I agree with. This far is reforming the whole cash bail process. I am with that and you have to think about it from the worst case scenarios how it can be unintentionally. Misuse or the unintended consequences of it. That's first thing and also this doesn't have to do with George Gascon. But this is something going on within California and will have Repercussions if it goes through as far as how we adjudicate law around here, there's a cattle California bill, which would require police officers to be 25 years old. Or have a bachelor's degree. Hear me out on this. I'm not saying that there is a direct relationship between having a college degree. And being a good police officer, or if they have a college degree and or being 25 that you wouldn't have any of these questionable shootings. I'm not saying that I am saying that, like the military As far as becoming an officer. Having extra training. Having a degree. Is smiled upon and helps me helps make a more well rounded individual for decision making. Hopefully, aim or mature individual and you know this just by listening can fire If you want to be a military officer, you have to attend a senior military college or service academy and roll. Had a traditional college or university with ROTC, Attend Officer Candidate school. That's that's above be just 17 18 years old and just enlisting. So there is something to be said for this is far as how having more life experience like, for example. There's a reason why there's an age requirement to be president. There's a reason why there's an age requirement to be a Congress person. Now there may not be an educational requirement, but generally by and large we do smile upon Those individuals who offer more of an educational history. I mean, I don't think that there's an educational requirement for the Supreme Court. But you know what? It's kind of cool if you have a Supreme Court justice with a law degree and a lot of law experience, So all these things run together before I get too far a field. This California bill would require police officers to be 25 years old or have a bachelor's degree, Assemblyman Reggie Jones, Soyer Democrat Los Angeles and introduced the bill last Monday. You go state Legislature that is aimed at minimizing police use of deadly force. I would say it like this. If you are going to be granted the power of life and death And you also have qualified immunity. Wouldn't it be okay. If you have a little more life experience behind you, wouldn't it be okay if you have a little more education under you? What is wrong? With requiring more. Of our officers before they're granted that power. And I'm not saying again. I'm going to say this again because I know I'm going to get your tweets at Mr Bo Kelly. Or you gonna hit me on instagram at Mistral. Kelly going to say you said no. I want to be very clear. I'm not saying one Determines the other..

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