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Mccoy Derrick Henry or Kelvin Benjamin. He need just one. Yep. Let's go. John Brown pretty clear cut their mentioned Derrick Henry LA Shawn McCoy earlier in the show both guys who like McCoy. He there's a good chance McCoy doesn't play today for the bills. There Henry, hey, he's got his own issues with Dion Lewis and now today Blaine gabbert under center for the titans. That's no good. And then Kelvin Benjamin come on the bills this. That's that's that's that's just a dumpster fire right now need to stay away from all bills at this point and fantasy football. Let's try Ryan and Schaumburg. Hello, ryan. Paying for taking my call. Standardly lex player will fuller. Emmy or Brandin cooks. All right. So I'm not gonna lie. Ron these are this is this is this is close in terms of any one of these guys can go off for you and out. But what I'll say is Brandin cooks, the consistency of that. Rams offense the charges defense. Right. I know the second day for the chargers is good but without Bosa. They're not the same type of defense that scares you from week to week. They don't have you know, they've gotten Melvin Ingram, obviously. But they don't have the edge pass rush from both sides that makes them so dangerous. So I'm going to like weaken and week out. Ron I personally start Brandin cooks every week because there's going to be so many bigwigs from him that you don't wanna miss now. There may be some weeks where he may not deliver the big numbers and will fuller might go ahead and catch a long one for you. But the situation for Brandin cooks too good for me to pass up. I've got him locked up in my lineup weaken and week out. Because that Rams offense. I've said I think the last couple of weeks that is. Offense. You want a piece of if you're a fantasy football owner. Let's try TJ and Cloverfield in Indiana. What's up TJ? Guys. Good morning. Good morning. I have a I have peer gerstle I've been doing junior John Brown. With ROY screaming and Chris Carson. But since cornets out, I I'm going put Chris Carson, and I believe, okay. So yeah, you need to lock in Carson for that running back slot and in the format if you don't have a pass catching running back, which obviously rice Freeman is not right now, I would cross him off the list pretty easily. Talked about Marvin Jones the ankle injury that I'd be just just the plate safe because you never know you hate to get the Sunday night. And all of a sudden find out Marvin Jones is not playing and you don't have an alternative to go with. I would cross him off the list just to be on the safer side there, then sewn and John Brown what I've seen from John Brown. And and but truth be told pure Carson against a Kansas City. Chiefs defense that has given up a lot of points is somebody I like and in the PR format. I I think that plays to Garson strength. And I think actually Mark Goodwin will find out more later today could return for the Niners today that actually to me helps Carson that gives him some there that that opens up downfield the coverage that that makes per peer Garson a little bit more of a viable weapon for. So I'd go ahead and start garf- zone this week. I like John Brown. But in terms of the matchup for me, peer Garson against that. She's defense is something I think. Inc. Is going to play well for you. Let's try Rick in Munster, Indiana. Hello Rick morning. Jen. I got a RV two questions for.

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