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The Hunter House was dearly still when detectives arrived the only sound music from a video game in the basement which seemed to add a haunting soundtrack to the violent and disturbing scene. It had appeared that Thomas was in process of playing online game on his xbox could see pop and chips in front of a chair right front of the TV. Probably like a lot of kids after school every day and the game itself had timed out with the music was playing kind of ominously in the background during Bill Hunters interview with police investigators. They got straight to the point. Does he play around on chat rooms or anything like that that you might be service. Vital I don't know he's on his the only chat room. No He's on is why they'll Ville it. Turns out is a popular online game and chat room. That attracts preteens not wasn't all Tom's xbox which allowed him to play and speak to other gamers online was a concern detectors. Wondered if Tom might have inadvertently come into contact with an Internet Predator. We knew that he had a number of contacts and friends online through not only his xbox but his personal computer so those people are essentially in many cases anonymous to some extent. Yeah they are so they might be kids. They might just be saying their kids correct. And that's what we would come to find out that he interacted with people all over the US in some cases outside of the US through these interactive sites. Did you or anybody in your family ever worried that Tommy was meeting people online or just talking to people online through the gaming community people. Maybe you didn't know about that. Didn't really come up till after the fact restarted thinking. Maybe that was something that could happen. But prior to know and you didn't know those war and he didn't either. No detectives determined. Tom Hotter had interacted with close to fifty people online on a regular basis. Thomas was eleven years old that he disclosed that in his gaming activities. Now in fact in some instances We would come to find out that he portrayed himself as somebody. Who's older which in turn could end up playing into this absolutely it would take months to track down. Tom's online contacts more pressing was what detectives were hearing from. The neighbors. Several said they'd seen a stranger walking near the hunter home late. That afternoon told me what the person neighbors described all of complected male. Who was heavy set dressed in a collared shirt? Some describe a jacket possibly like an ill fitting suit with a shoulder bag and several people would correlate that individual to a silver Honda CR V. notify the actual make of car. Yes that all seems pretty helpful. Very the same individuals would describe that that vehicle was missing front play but they would describe the rear plate as kind of a white background with dark lettering and kind of describe a multiple colored sunset or kind of a Pastel sunset so it's not Nebraska play out of state. What are our feeling was yes. Based on neighbors. Descriptions police produced sketch and four days after the murders. Ask the public for help. We received hundreds of phone calls about people. Knowing somebody that resembled that sketch and each one of those leads had to be given some degree of consideration. Reporter Todd Cooper covered the story for the Omaha World Herald. Dundee is a nice neighborhood and Oma. That's an affluent area Doctors and others not mansions but stately homes crime like this doesn't happen in Dundee and so it sent shockwaves right away. More depth about the computer use while the murders in done deed dominated the news. Investigators were taking a second look at a less publicized. Crime months earlier there had been another murder not far from Dundee in this one an elderly female had been bludgeoned and stabbed in the neck. We had knives that were used from her residence in her murder so we had similarities in that weapons were taken from her home in used against her and left the scene. But you have somebody who liked that. The detectives at investigated that case that identify a suspect very early on somebody who has a family member of hers whom she had had a falling out with. Didn't seem to have any connection with honors none whatsoever. There comes a time in every homicide investigation. Were detectives have to focus on the victim's family and friends as far as detectives knew the hunters were a well respected family. And then come out about the hundreds that you didn't know gambling problems family problems now. There wasn't some gigantic ghost in the closet. That made us think. Oh well there is our motive right there. Nothing like down since bill and Claire. Hundred were both doctors at Creighton. He pathologist Shia cardiologists. Detectives wondered if someone at the hospital might have had a motive to harm them having hated. H- all right on our own Eugene. Not everyone handles grief differently. After their youngest son was murdered in their home the hunters seem to want nothing more than to be left alone but kind of a private family so not too keen on talking with media on the other hand the family of Surely Sherman the other Dundee victim desperately wanted to keep the case in the public. We want velocity. You really wanted us to be solved. Halio they have their own ideas about who the killer might be the more they talked. The more detectives wondered if perhaps Surely Sherman and actually been the intended target a secret in the Sherman family. She hated because of what he had been doing to me. The new person of interest immediately. There's a buzz. Could it be like credit? Have been him.

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