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So throughout all of this, you've got your your daughter and what was happening at the time when I did you always want to be a mom from when you were young? I was you know quite ambitious I Had this amazing idea that I wanted to. Do the party plan, which is sort of like Tupperware for those that don't know. How that was twenty one when that twenty one yet and I remember walking down the long corridor. And going into the boardroom to Susan Grey suited men about my idea. And actually one board member stood up through his pen on the table and said, well, this going to work is it women on even interested in sex? So on glad who those living victim, wrong. Yeah and some yeah and of course, it just took off and it was just amazing I mean you. To have a business that's growing twenty percent a year to a point where I had to stop advertising because I literally couldn't cope with the the rate in which we bring in all the teething problems that went with it. So it's been quite phenomenon and. There was all the challenges that went with doing something. So different. You know court coach changing. All I really ever wanted to do with empower women in the bedroom so much stigma at the time and I, think the fact that it was always for Women Only Major made a huge difference in sort of created this almost. Almost like a female institution. Yeah. I, know because even now stores you know eighty percent of our customers women. Yeah. so He's been a fantastic journey for me. Fantastic but not without its. And Eighty percent of the customers, a female for the fans this. Okay. But when you were young when the company was that the point you were twenty one and walking into boardroom, what was the split van? Os Ten percent ten percent. You know it was a very male dominated environment go into the stores and. You know it was the raincoat brigade that we in the stores yet was just totally different. You know it's I guess one of the things on most proud of actually is the way it's changed so much. Oh, it's a massive massive shift I. Mean. It's OK from women being object to being actually the customer. Equally underestimate what massive delays especially when we're not talking about. The shots were talking about massive. You know something that everybody sees in the radio now High Street Brian this is something that's widespread in every in every town. Yeah. We have over one, hundred, hundred stores we had one hundred and forty stores are. when I think back, you know I've been arrested twice of had a bullet through the post when I tried to open a store in Ireland. and how difficult that was then and then in twenty sixteen I think it was odd received. A CB from the Queen I'm thinking Gosh journey you know and you can't help yourself but look back and think how it was to what is light. Now I know what just of conflict for me is when you were twenty one, what was your role in because you've been working in the company from your teenage well I did some work experience I mean I thought that was working in the company he had full stores and it was mainly a publishing business. Then I had no intention of staying as I said, it was a very male dominated business. On. I was just doing some work experience Michael invited to and for those listeners will remember PD party it was like..

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