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Okay, we are back here with Brandon thorn of establish the Run be sure to give him a follow on Twitter at Fred & Thorn NFL. Do you love Twitter threads breakdowns that type of stuff Brandon has them all from you on the line of scrimmage. I want to talk about Patriots left tackle, Isaiah. When do I know you were pretty high on in the draft coming in and we both kind of you know, damn back and forth about is the windbreaker come in and just a year. Is this the game? He's looked pretty solid. I would say to start the season. He's got a really juicy match up against Bradley Chubb this week. I think this is going to be a really fun one to test win a sort of anger and ability to hold up against power against the guy like Chuck who can really bring it off the edge. Yeah. I mean jobs children in pretty good. I don't know. I I mean I think wins been very good so far. I don't know what you know, I know other people may have different opinions, but my from what I've seen I mean I've liked when every time I've seen him play in the NFL, I mean I think a game Your struggles his head was last year against Robert Quinn, but aside from that. I mean, I don't know man. I mean, I think he's been very good, you know just obviously health is the only thing holding him back in my eyes. So to see him healthy this year is great. And even though he's dealing with the calf. I I mean what he did last week against Frank Clark, you know, I don't know if Frank Clarke's dealing with anything cuz he's got pretty much shut off by him and Kolton Miller and back-to-back weeks, but I thought Isaiah Wynn was pretty much locking him down all day. You know, he he lost a a rep late in the game in the fourth quarter where Clark just had an incredible get off and got to hit the quarterback as you through it. But aside from that one rep there may have been one more. I'm I'm forgetting about but for the most part he was on point that game and pass protection. I think when is a very good run-blocker as well. It's probably the most underrated part of his game. I mean, I think the thing about him is going back to Georgia. He's just a technician. He's so efficient. He's so khong With his hands and he's not obviously not the biggest guy so we can get overpowered of times. That's just going to happen..

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