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Wear the thing flies but it doesn't look funny selfaware in a bad way self aware obvious dumb ways a clever way it's like yeah i'm just piece of shit movie so what produces were laughing when they came up with the idea to make a rampage movie of game with no plot account that happen like this the entity that they producing it owns that video game popular of a game who wasn't always cave is great but it was always one of the games in the or cade for this generation feels like this generation who knows what rampages they don't maybe there to review there still are question understanding modern version of arcades but like not for another onic once for adult kids our kids will dave and buster's kind of the closest thing you have a bunch of hipster bars that's on i'm talking about i've been east sports arenas are going to be the new thing gay nutcase we literally gay oh really fucking on the on the tell playing pinball noball just one thing go the are experience too i feel like if i was running for office i should not be a part of this conversation the thank you tuning and everyone we can do is just having sweaty sex it's challenged you on twitter so here's the problem hey do you actually use that up what do you hear drops this is one of mine now but i don't use it.

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