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Tell you what choice and talk to ten years really ten years we we haven't been what did you do how gossip quick quick one quick quick and it's in my book oh but we go in south africa peterson done ten years ago and south africa eight years eight years in south africa either son wanted to be sports reporter so he came up to me and said you know john my dad has decided go nickel peres will start the world cup he's not telling you guys but he's going to rotate everybody and the last friendly game in belgium against it'll be conical so i came out like a month before and guys it's a done deal there's context to this because if you remember his last few games with the national team he had two battles that he gave up i'm sorry one with the national waiting clinton was that he will not yes yes and the next weekend against blah and that's how you get it's normal former president who no companion got mad like if you're not if you're doing your job well people get mad at you bad relationships but you saying he blames you for this well he didn't start we don't talk well what happened was that day buddy sunjay mean was going to come see him and then you have to take into account the material situation dollar airings go up seven players and one of my best relationships in the national teams with under and they're roommates correct so you respect and whatever the in this world they don't have to like you have to respect your you do your stuff but i think that could go or maybe he's going to give chore all the calm before we know we've got ten minutes i do have a question how much john john's gotta go comes you tell view that your fault take showers will not read besides you know where we're footsoldiers hearing content and then we're all day working john you've experienced intimately and from far this mexican national team over god knows how many decades i c o two since oh two okay i see a change mentally ill police tuohy kano what do you see cattle pitch totally where does it come from because of this generation of players generation because you've got fifteen of planning europe some of them on going for the buck course they'd make more mexico i was talking with also what about those life i got killed when i said that what was going to he was going to go keno came and changed everything like what could have gone for the money and he says i wanna play in spain i wanna play probably my last world cup he would have made more in atlanta and he's he's been wanted by medica for a long time i wouldn't be surprised if i make at some point before for sure the way he is imagine arthur blank with home depot lebanon behind him it'd be like a monster but this team wants to different generation they say every generation we screw up we bling roman of the penalty kick we blame maxine rotary gays about great goal in lip sing we say that if lee said land this would have had to crack enough there's always we blame buffo because he played claim was an excuse there's always an excuse they get in the city stood up like i said he story they wanna stay in the history of the mexican national team forever but they gotta make history so it's all about the mental thing i do think and i insist i sat down in denmark with in manali barranco in its key it's key your thoughts how you think relax inn in a clear example of the guts was got jato i can tell you one cuddles was a lot was worried about how that kid did and he told his other that he's.

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