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Friend Ginsberg and they were couple who lost one of their their kids. Their daughter died in a tragic car crash, and they were in serious grief. And while they were grieving and not too long after their daughter. Barely died. One of their neighbors was actually seeing a medium who suddenly had messages for Bob and Fran. To give to the the neighbor to deliver to them. The messages were from Bailey. And so this is not even directly to them. This was coming to them through a neighbor who is a client who certainly didn't go in for a reading from from medium that involved their neighbor's daughter right that just cropped up cropped up. Right. And Bob himself was very skeptical brace straight-laced guy, very very skeptical, but the information that came through and then when they met with Janet mayor the medium and got further information and got to know Janet a little bit more. They were convinced that Bailey was really coming through and more importantly, and most importantly, it helped them grief it helped their grief process. In fact, this weekend they're in grief retreat in Florida with a number of other folks and a few mediums. So it's one of the the things that the forever family foundation. Does is hold grief retreats, which includes a psychologists and other people as well to help people and their grief when they've lost specially when they've lost kid. Grief is horrible. You can't you can't sleep your mind is going to mile a minute. It's it's horrible. And there have been clinical studies. More recently showing.

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