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Cold side of tough schedule early on. The offensive line was really banged up week one. I mean, you can't, you can't have half your offensive line injured and expect to do well. And week two, they played the rams, who might be the best team in the entire film. This is like the litmus test for Indianapolis. They played the LA rams who are potentially going to win the Super Bowl. And the rams won by three points. Against Indy. And if Carson Wentz doesn't get hurt at the end of that game, he left the game early. Carson could not play in the final drive, which would have given the colts an opportunity to tie the game or take the lead. What happens if Carson Wentz doesn't get hurt week two against the rams? That's how good the colts are. Don't sleep on them. And you know, they lost in week three to a pretty solid Titans team. Titans, by the way, in my opinion, match up perfectly with the colts. I mean, they just have a brutal match up for the colts. I don't know that the colts are going to be the Titans either time they played them this year. But the colts are better than L and three. Indianapolis is underachieving if you ask me. And I actually think that if the colts can add like a stud receiver, a man if they can figure out left tackle and get consistent play. I don't know that Eric Fisher is the guy. He's injured. I don't know if I trust him yet. Is Eric Fisher gonna be able to play next year and the year after that? I don't know or think so. If the colts can get another player in their secondary, they're two or three moves away. From like a Super Bowl run in my opinion. If Carson stays healthy, they add a couple players, like the cold sore a very good football team that should not be zero and three. And they've had a very, very.

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