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In light conditions there is particularly suitable for it can detect the movement of your breasts and on in the movement of your breast there are two important pieces of information heathen so breathing and beats they all reflect on your chest how difficult as it to find that skillset must be lots of people who work on optical devices and cameras infrared that kind of thing in terms of the radar and the community is that quite a small community basically now we are forced to drain and teach people by ourselves within the company to know you in all the physics behind and math and everything to be able to design the thinks on the other hand the we are in a good position because we have quite some pool of balance here at the university manual reach unfortunately want to go abroad not knowing the there is a company why across in serbia's so we are approaching them of in the early years of university and the and you know convincing them that working on this technologies quite quite challenging as it is but also you know quite quite motivational because they would be able to really bring something new two white see come to serbia everything is about tesla i'm not talking about the leedle must sports calls here i'm talking about nikola tesla one of the pioneers of electricity at big champion off alternating currents that the victor in the cover walls and you arrive agency belgrade nikola tesla airport and you might want to go for dinner at the quite new tesla restaurant or the way is a big mental dole that takes us down into the museum underneath the restaurants.

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