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In the greatest possible way like you said from when he came out to his performance how hand himself at the press conference. This is a guy who maybe he'd never you know we're not. So he can become like conor mcgregor. Ronda rousey brock listener level star but this is a guy who lead company. Who can who can take a company like bill tour to it to another level. I definitely think so. I think there's a quiet charisma about him a confidence. There's an in caged charisma. Which i think is almost more as important as anything else that the way he fights you. Just look at him if you would never if you've never seen him fight before you saw him flight tonight before he even to punch you would look at him and say. This is a big deal that this is someone. I'm going to want to keep an eye on the future. And then he delivers the way he does and now i hope people will dig deeper into his story if they read stuff like she feature go back. Those everything people have written about him list. Nobody said the press conference. It was a great great outcome for bell. Tour for asian mckeon. I i won't say again. But i will repeat that a star a star is born tonight. I have to add to just really quickly jumping in. I mean we talk about tournaments right like for doing this. Tournament was very ambitious from the beginning of sixteen guys out. There was a really stacked lineup. But going back to tournaments even back in the strikeforce days like there are a lot of ways. Tournaments can go wrong right. We saw this from the very beginning. These guys sort of on opposite sides of the bracket the way this was playing out. It's like men. If you could have drawn this up l. Talk could not have asked for a better way. This played out right like this. Ultimate result is literally the best possible outcome that belt or could have hoped for and windy. We ever say that about tournaments something that that has sixteen guys being able to be executed this cleanly and really again just leading to this sort of result. Where they're getting the this big showcase this fight this whole night had a big fight field. It was very obvious that ballatore was the main attraction here this weekend over the of c. And to to see. Aj really come through in the end like this just unbelievable tournament the whole way through and again like window tournaments ever play out this cleanly perfectly like bella towards scott coker and all those guys have to just be over the moon right now with how this played out absolutely. I mean look at the two hundred five pound tournament. They they were like you know what we're just gonna throw your mirror and rumble johnson in the first row. We're gonna get this thing out of the way we're gonna make sure this fight happens and then what happens. We lose your marrow. We still don't get it. So yeah you're right about that. How big of a star can can. Ag mckee jose. Young's like if you're bela tor do you send him on the ballot or private jet to I don't even know. I was gonna say region kathy lee. I know that show doesn't happen. Garate bar but like kelly and kelly and ryan seacrest or whatever like you. Just take him on the national tour right now and just get his face in front of as many eyeballs possible. At this point. I tell you what you definitely have to make him. Some sort of backstage interview interviewer. Jake paul tyron woodley. I mean how many people watch that fight like how many people are gonna watch that fight. That don't even like combat sports. Like as much as everyone hates jake paul or they don't want to say hey like they dislike him strongly some some opinion another a bunch of c fans. I'd and i said this on the previous show. I don't know anyone that watches just ballatore. I don't know if they exist. I know a ton of people who watch just the you have c. So i know there's some people that didn't watch belt or to sixty zero unfortunately missed out on an absolutely fantastic magical night. I'm sure they're going to tune in to watch town would fight. And i'm also sure. There's a whole demographic of people that are going to tune in to watch paul fight you stick. Aj mckee there with his belt. Show that that clip show all his highlight show his swagger that he has put his face everywhere that's step one and from there the skies limited with this guy man i mean. I don't think he said that he. He had no bad answers at the press everything he said. I was captivated by. He has mike. And i don't know how much you watch. American football ak. But sean and mike do you remember when like was like that search of like two years where clinton portis was like much must watch television. I like his shirt post fight. Scrums where he would just like. He was a fantastic football player. But you need to know everything about this man. Just office scrums. That is the vibe. I got from him. Or is i just see this colorful character with all these belts in this bottle of champagne in this comically large. One million dollar check and i go. I need to know everything about this individual so stick him in front of everything you can. And he'll do the rest. He's not a guy who you need to train for the media. I i only watched canadian. Football was i'll say milt steagall. I think that will say steagall guys. That's my cfl fans out there. What i'm talking about. I'm sick now. Winnipeg blue bombers legends built steagall great great great great great quote all the time they dropped doug flutie name to know when you gossip only person whereas you guys know anyway sticking with fights and then going back to you on the flip side of get patricia pit bull. Who handled this loss with complete class complete grace. At first he felt like the stoppages too soon after watching the replay. He realized his arm started to go. Limp didn't have as much of a problem with with the stoppage. So two part question. A your thoughts. And how patricio pit bull handled himself after like really his first true finish loss of his career. And be captain captain. Eric albert kind of playing the villainous manager role in a way and kind of have his fighters back saying you know what. Why are we doing this in the challengers hometown. We should be doing this in brazil. Does he have a point. There not only patricia pit bulls. I like lost by stoppage of his career but really his first actual loss since two thousand fifteen right. 'cause the benson henderson one. That was just because of an injury like that wasn't a real loss in the railway. So he hasn't this guy's in lost in a really long time man. All we know from him is winning. And i thought he handled it perfectly he. He was classy as you said. He didn't really argue with the savage much in the post fight. Press conference he he answered everything you know family guy yet son there and i don't know i thought it was a really good showing in terms of a post fight. Press conference patrizio. I do understand where. Captain eric is coming from With a lot of the points that he was making about. You know we're coming in here. We're sort of in enemy territory. We're the two division champ where the bell toward goat and we have all these things already stacked up against us. But that's kind of just..

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