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From beginning to where we are in two thousand twenty believe it or not on the span of about fifty eight minutes and we could go on and on I'm sure. So first of all I appreciate you taking the time to continue the origin stories that I'm doing this month it was absolutely fabulous and secondly and more importantly. I have. Really enjoyed our online relationship I'm sure at some point our paths will cross in person perhaps and hopefully more than once. But. But the fact that you show up every. Third, Tuesday, of the month on this show. Has Been such a joy to me over these past this event seven or eight years I. Mean I've been interviewing you since I think two thousand and seven or two, thousand and eight believe it or not. So I mean that's twelve years all on its own. The fact that we have been able to have a relationship however, that looks like these days has been something that I'll never forget and it's The biggest moment in my barbecue career and steered in my mind is getting that I e email back from you directly saying that you would be more than happy to to do that I interview with me and it's been an absolute joy for me. I appreciate you so much. Thank you very much. Thank you greg and I just WanNa say you do a fantastic job and I don't know if people listening to you in watching you realize how much work goes into these interviews but you are always prepared you're always Always enthusiastic. You questions are pointed at interesting. You've always done a lot of research and backgrounds so. This is a show I look forward to, and I hope it'll be another twelve years or twenty or thirty years. Stephen again, thank you very much. Mary is real odd Steven Reich Lynn right there. Oh, my absolutely. Wow. All right. Well, we are right toward the top producing A. Mediocre. In an exceptionally professional way. You're listening and watching the barbecues central show once again, here's your host Greg and. Thanks again to Stephen Reichen. As. We pound towards the top of our number one. Don't forget coming up like in thirty seconds we'll be talking with Robin Lindores and getting her origin story as we continue the month of origin stories with the show regulars. Next week Derrick riches, and we have the embedded correspondents as well. Hopefully, you enjoyed. Steven Reich look. At again, stories that I am learning that I never knew about things that I'm learning. I had never knew about and I've been interviewing Stephen for twelve years. All right. Let's the lineup for the second hour stick around. We'll be right back with Robin Lindores..

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