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Did little girl dive holly poisoning the molly and i can yeah that is one yes we can confirm that could have happened ice and ian wright by other answers you know like she might have been eaten by a tenth of a monster a new colleague varies heard somebody it could be yes some something in the twofaced we heard somebody theorize recently that uh mm where she had to eat things that camera with the name is of that condition but innocent people that have to put things in the bowels and then they end up eating whatever like staplers things ultimately whoa of unharmed so perhaps you know that's what happens my personal favorite invite favor it it's like a creative explanation that we never thought of when we were initially grading the story who for a couple of times now is that what was called the tent uncles erie which is that the tend to go monster the food the metaphor for um some kind of physical um like incest or you know some kind of trauma that she had suffered you just made it a little bit darker it was already dark game in a certain yeah i think all of those are viable options yeah okay so the house is very well done in designed i mean that was sooner they stepped into the house i just kind of spent fifteen minutes has got going around and just got it felt like it really home me cosy home so you've done the house thing is there any other game you'd like to make with a different setting up at the same sort of like a ship ghost ship uh i mean i would love to do another story that was a collection entails i think that for me as a player really falls a lot of problems in.

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