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Thirty four degrees. Holidays lower faux, pas number two showing up empty-handed at family dinner and company parties, here's what you do a few days before the parties send the host or hostess and amazing arrangement of holiday flowers or handcrafted wreath from the books, sending flowers wreaths garlands and other standout beauties from the dukes says you've got class, and you care enough to send the very best dukes Hansel selects only the best most vibrant flowers from the finest farms in the world, we even have farms on the side of a volcano that produce spectacular flowers that anyone will love books are picked fresh and ship direct. So you can send boots now, and they'll still look amazing long. After you leave freshness is just one more thing that sets books apart from all the others. Bright, the holidays for someone special go to books dot com and enter celebrate for twenty percent off and free shipping. Yeah. Twenty percent off and free shipping. When you editor celebrate at B, O U S dot com. That's boo. Luke's dot com. Sorry. I'm late. I thought he left the garage open and had to drive all the way home again funny. I left mine open at a two, but I got a text from my security system, letting me know your security system. Yeah. It's got alarm dot com. Technology it new I left the garage open and sent me an alert, then I just closed it from my phone alarm dot com systems are professionally monitored. If there's an emergency, the police or fire department are going to respond with the kids. It was an easy choice. Literally with one app, I can control the smart thermostat video cameras doorbell camera smart locks even the garage door. Don't tell me you install all that no way securities for the pros. I had one of alarm dot com's local service providers design, the ideal system for our home, and install it. They did a fantastic job. It was fast. And I got a great deal. So how do I use dot com? Easy. Just go to alarm dot com slash radio to find local professional service providers. You can choose from alarm dot com slash radio. Yup. Alarm dot com slash radio..

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