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That's a different ball game. You're going to be held accountable. But we're, but we know that most people don't jump right into violent crimes they start at nine violent crimes. And if we catch him there, give them the treatment the tools, they need the job skills. The mental health care. They are significantly less likely to progress to the violent crimes, and so we're going to expand that and there's another win that we get out of that by not focusing so many resources on misdemeanor marijuana. Possession which is not harming anyone. Now, we can take those same men hours those same woman hours, and we allocate them to the series in violent crimes. So now, not only are we helping people at the low levels who aren't who don't threaten the community, and they just need help. But now we have more resources to focus on the series stuff. Yeah. That's that's something I think's gonna catch a lot of people's attention. I think and I could be wrong on this. But on election night. The biggest news was your win. And I think in part because people didn't even realize that that Bob McCulloch was in a position to lose. I really think that was part, especially as we know Saint Louis is divided and especially south of del mar. So to speak more going, whoa. What's what's what's going on here? So let's start with your campaigning your decision to run. What was your thought process when you decided to run for this office? So I I think there's three things that you need to do if you're going to run for office. So if anybody cares. A my thoughts here. Yeah, I one you gotta you can't can see particular areas. You can't go in San. Hey, I'm only going to focus on one group. No. If you're the county prosecutor you represent all the Saint Louis county. And so we weren't going to say, hey, we're just gonna focus in north county may county. Now, we went out and actively campaigned in South County and west county. I wanted to make sure everyone out there felt that they had a voice in the reforms in the in in our administration. And I thought that was important to set that tone early. I think you have to Secondly, you gotta you gotta you gotta look at the numbers. You got to you have to put a plan together. You gotta put cook people around you. I'm I was fortunate to have some really good people Josie Nielsen who's here's who's here in studio. The Rhonda Wilson who's worked on every? Campaign people like Preston for who's always been supportive. But so me in so many of his name names because then I'll started leaving people out love you guys if you. But you want to get good people in place put a plan together and execute that plan. You know, one thing that I learned early is that there's going to be a lot of. There's going to be a lot of pitfalls. There's going to be a lot of distractions. But when you're on the defense for losing you gotta stick to your plan. You're gonna hear Laszlo about you. And if you run for office, and I'm guessing a year field to you're probably going to hear just stuff made. It's yeah. It's it's not fun. But you gotta you gotta be able to take it that's part of it. And and and I've learned that, you know, I get taxman this person say this about you. And you know, when the first time, I ran it just crush me. I'm like, really like, you know, you see yourself as a nice guy. And then all of a sudden overnight, you're villain to some people. And I've been called all kinds of names. But, you know, a learn to roll with the punches and so get a good team around. You executed. You stay on you stay on that plan. And then you let those good people do their job. You know, when I look at people like, Tim, swill Josie all types of people, man, we fuss and fight all the time. But then we work it out. And then we move forward. And then last you got to look at the temperature of the room..

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